Friday, November 11, 2011

wear: black & blue.

as much as i love this super-soft, somewhat sweatshirt, sort-of sweater; i've found it hard to pair with jeans. what?  jeans go with everything! yes, i know. however, the shade of blue just doesn't look quite right with most of the denim in my closet. not all shades of denim are created equal, mind you, and i've often thought this odd shade of navy would look best with a really light-washed, vintage-looking denim. but i think i've finally found another alternative. (yes, these are the dilemmas that plague me at night.)

yesterday morning i needed an outfit that leaned more towards function than fashion. i threw on this top, but was then faced with what pants to wear. i grabbed the almost-black jeans i'd worn the night before and discovered the perfect partner for the elusive, blue sweatshirt-sweater.
black & navy.
the perfect rule-breaking combo.
navy sweater: splendid
grey tank: target
black jeans: forever 21
rubber boots: marshall's
beanie: super-old, no idea
watch: timex/target


  1. These shots with the dog in them are totally effing adorable.

  2. you look adorable! i love your beanie!

  3. I love combining neutrals together, it's makes the outfit look effortless and classy. And I love the pop of orange from your watch. :)

  4. you are such a little cutie! you've got a new reader this morning. and you intrigued me more because i see that you're a mother! i love it when moms keep their personality!
    now, don't judge me, but i'm going to spend the next few hours going through your archives and pinning everything you do. at least i'm honest? it's not stalking this way, right? ha ha!
    have a great day! love this outfit!

  5. The sweater is fabulous! Then again, you always are.

    OK, a request. I know someone else once asked you to do this but I'll ask too. Do you have any suggestions on keeping your style cute during pregnancy? What were your fave looks or go-to items?


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