Thursday, November 17, 2011

see: if you don't have instagram...

if you don't have instagram* i feel like you're missing out on a really great way to add more creep to your life. (in case facebook, twitter and blogs just weren't doing it for you...) it's sort of like seeing mini blog posts all throughout the day. instead of just reading what someone is eating for lunch through a tweet,  knowing when someone is at the dmv through a check-in, or learning that someone's toddler just dumped out an entire box of cereal through a facebook status--you get to actually see a picture of it!

here are some moments from our lives that you might have missed...if you don't have instagram.

as much as i miss summer produce, i do love squash.

piper decided to write her first letter to santa! she requested a bike, a hello kitty t-shirt, and a clock. 

this little lady has certainly increased the level of chaos in our lives, but she's just so dang cute.

last week quinn woke up with cutest bed-head ever.

i totally scored at the consignment shop this week. j.crew cashmere sweater and citron pashmina.

seems like a spend a lot of time behind this wheel, waiting in the carpool lane.

the girls and i have been having weekly coffee dates at our favorite cafe.
we all love it there and sort of wish we lived next door.

sometimes it's nice to ignore the to-do list and just take a much-needed sunday nap.

like kids, i think dogs are sweetest when they're sleeping.

sometimes we visit mr.a on the job. we trade him lunch for snuggles.

these two are like calvin & hobbes.

last weekend i read a great article on several men & women, over 70, who have made a big impact in making des moines the city it is today. it was inspiring to me. building your legacy starts yesterday. below is one of my favorite quotes from michael gartner (pictured above):

watch this video to add a little more inspiration to your day!

*i think you have to have an iphone. maybe? yes? i don't really know.


  1. And just when I finally figured out Pinterest. Ahhhh! Instagram has to wait. Until Santa brings me an iPhone.

  2. That picture of Q is absolutely perfection.
    I finally have enough money saved up to buy a nice cannon SLR, digital, of course.
    I can't wait to capture all the wonderful moments all the time!

    (you forgot to mention the added bonus of your fave cafe!)

  3. Hmmm, that was supposed to say "absolute"

  4. I love your face in the carpool lane. That's exactly how I look every day. Hours of my life I will never get back. Great post!

  5. great post!

  6. Love the b&w doggie post. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life!

  7. What consignment shop did you snag those beauties at?! I live in DSM also and always itching to find new places snag great pieces.



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