Monday, November 07, 2011

do: the week i forgot i had a blog.

sorry for the dust & cobwebs 'round here!
i'm not really sure what happened last week. well, i take that back.
here are a few things that happened:

a walk in the park on a gorgeous day with the pup

loads upon loads of laundry...
that have yet to be folded (story of my life)

a coffee date on a rainy day with my little ladies

karaoke night at my favorite dive

a surprise birthday/engagement party for this gal

a second attempt at a garage sale
(epic goodwill drop happening today)

tons of organizing, cleaning, purging around the house

and lots of playing in the leaves

i'm not really sure why "blogging" didn't make that list. i think my head is a little crowded right now and the week flew by without any cute outfits to speak of. i'm not sure i even wore clothes last week. (okay, i probably did. but certainly nothing noteworthy.) i don't think i did my hair all week, either. it was either in a dirty bun or in a clean bun. 
as i mentioned before (you know, before i took my blogging sabbatical), mr.a has been working crazy-long hours for a couple weeks and i think i just hit a wall. but, he was able to spend the weekend with us and i feel like we're getting back on a normal schedule. we're still really focused on getting our house ready to sell and i feel like we got a lot accomplished this weekend. mr.a put up new gutters, put down some new trim, and did some painting while i took on the basement. we don't spend a lot of time down there, so it had become this chaotic mess. now it looks awesome. it's clean, organized and staged. i feel like we're getting really close to being ready to take some pictures and get this baby on the market! i get seriously nervous when i think about trying to keep it clean for showings (if you've read this blog for more than a week, i've probably mentioned my "distaste" for cleaning...), but maybe this experience will instill some good habits. 

anyway, i'll try to get things back on track around here.
(and maybe wear clothes.) 


  1. Folding is always so difficult for me too! I give dive bars two thumbs up!

    It sounds like you've been SUPER busy...I'm sure all your readers will forgive you :-D

  2. I am SO bummed I couldn't make it to your garage sale! :( But I'm so excited for you guys and sad at the same time since I love your current house and all you've done to it. Praying that you find a cool place downtown with a massively gorgeous closet

  3. i have definitely developed some better cleaning habits since having our house on the market for eight months (and counting). wish i could have made it to your garage sale. which goodwill will you be dumping at??? :)

  4. okay your dog is just too darn cute, I cant stand it and the girls are adorable also!! love the last few days of fall!

  5. So I have been reading your blog sporatically the last few weeks or so, and I just realized you were in Iowa. Minnesota girl here. I was just in your fair state this past weekend. Cedar Rapids got dominated by my husband and I (or we went out for sushi and played a lot of board games with my cousin in her living room). Anyway. Love reading your blog. Fun stuff. Also, karaoke = best ever.


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