Sunday, November 27, 2011

do: thanksgiving in a...pumpkin shell.

on thanksgiving day we woke up to a beautiful, quiet morning at home. the girls had spent the night with their nana & poppa so we were able to slowly get ready for the day. mr.a did some work around the house and i did a little bit of cooking. we gathered at my in-laws to eat and enjoy a nice, relaxing afternoon. 

maisy joined us for her first thanksgiving!

oh hey! i got bangs!

the feast!
the oldest member of the family relaxed...

while the newest member of the family charmed us all...

quinn skipped pumpkin pie in favor of skittles... 

eventually we all made it outside.
the weather was gorgeous. 64 degrees is unheard of in late november!

in true redneck fashion, we spent an hour or so shooting guns.  

i wished my dad had been there, i think he would've been proud of me.
i shot a .22 rifle, a .22 pistol, and a .45 pistol and i have to admit, it felt pretty good!
quinn was not a fan of the loud noises. 
(check the identical mouths on these two...)
how's this for a family picture? ha! 

after we got our redneck on, we set up the christmas tree!

i did miss being with my parents* and siblings this year, but we'll all be together for christmas and i can't wait!!!
hope you had a relaxing weekend with your friends and family!

*if you're new 'round here, my parents moved to tennessee this summer after living in iowa for 13 years.


  1. From Da...
    Way to go, B!
    Thanks for the photos!

  2. Hello bangs! Love them!!

    Looks like a great way to spend the day :)

  3. Only in the Midwest right?!? Hahahah this whole thing =awesomeness!!!!

  4. Your bangs look ah-mazing!! Seriously, LOVE them. (looks like you had a super fun, family filled Thanksgiving):)


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