Tuesday, November 08, 2011

do: surprise squared.

my friend erin just had the best week ever.
within five days she had a surprise proposal (eeeeee!) and a surprise birthday/engagement party! let me backtrack a little bit...
last sunday, we were all having brunch and the subject of erin's birthday came up. we'd been planning to have a surprise party for her and our friend, sarah, had been a big part in organizing all the details. at brunch sarah says to all of us, "so...i have a secret to tell you." of course we're immediately all ears. "erin's surprise party isn't just for her birthday. it's also going to be an engagement party!!!" we all shrieked in excitement and demanded the details.
sarah had been recruited by sam, erin's boyfriend, to set up their apartment with candles, flowers and champagne so that it would be waiting for them when they returned home from a weekend trip to chicago. after driving all day, a romantic proposal was the last thing erin expected.

anyway, the surprises didn't end there. on friday night, we all gathered to celebrate erin's birthday and the marital bliss that awaits her and sam.

everyone chipped in for hor d'oeuvres and drinks and it made for a fantastic meal. fancy cheeses, dips, olives, pork, salads--i'm drooling just thinking about it. joey, party-planning extraordinaire, created a comfortable yet chic ambience and had been up all night slaving over the amazing desserts we enjoyed. (miniature dark chocolate ganache cupcakes and something else that was flaky, creamy and topped with strawberries!) 
erin seemed very surprised and we all went on to have a fantastic evening with lots of laughs and so much joy. 
i have to say, i feel so fortunate to have all these people in my life. they are each so witty, creative, interesting and inspiring to me. we have so much fun together and i'm not sure i've ever laughed more than with them. plus, there aren't many people in this world with whom you can have a stimulating conversation about grammar. (but we did.)
congratulations to you, erin & sam!


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