Monday, November 21, 2011

do: the prom.

did you ever watch that show 7th heaven? my family would watch it (and make fun of the terrible acting) because our dad was also a pastor and we had almost as many kids in our family. remember they used to always go to "the prom" (promenade)? they'd walk around, meet up with boys, get ice cream and usually end up in some sort of trouble ("oh no! lucy's best friend is secretly homeless and bulimic and got caught stealing from the t-shirt shop! we better call mom & dad.")

anyway, on friday night we went to our own prom; the holiday promenade in east village. they host this event every year to kick off the christmas season. all the shops have yummy snacks and drinks, great sales, and fun entertainment. (a seniors tap-dancing troupe? ohyestheydid.) mr.a had to be at camp dodge all weekend, so he didn't join us, but we met up with friends and my sister and nephews even joined us for the fireworks display. an unexpected benefit to daylight savings time is being able to watch fireworks at 6:15!

we walked around, sampled, shopped and took in the beautiful window displays. our favorite was at the dance studio...
but a close-second was the bridal boutique...

we looove eden! 
and quinn loves pickin' that nose...
despite a few brief moments of wildness, the girls did awesome and had a lot of fun in each of the stores.  (not to mention being bribed by endless sweets...)
again, quinn with the nose... 
kiehl's heaven... 

the boys give the traditional no-shave-november greeting...
we ended the night with sushi at miyabi 9. again, i was impressed that the girls were well-behaved past their bed time. erin even got quinn to sample a little sushi roll!

if you live in the des moines area, consider doing your christmas shopping among the local business community, especially in east village! there is an awesome variety of shops that have a great selection of unique gifts for anyone on your list!


  1. she was not bullimic!

    she was just brushing her teeth!

  2. these are such adorable photos! looks like a great time.

  3. FUN FUN FUN. I have to say you find the cutest fun little traditions for your family!!! I love the girls coats they looked so beautiful and I totally watched 7th Heaven haha great show... I bet you guys were just like them!!! Thats so great! Love you have a great Thanksgiving WITH SETHER :)

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  7. Several cute dresses on display.

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