Tuesday, November 22, 2011

do: (eating + dancing) > (eating - dancing).

on saturday night i got to do two of my favorite things: eating and dancing. it's no secret that i love to eat, and dancing after a big meal seems like the best way to start burning a few of those calories. i'm lucky that all our friends are foodies and most can hold their own in the kitchen. joey planned a pasta dinner party and made a couple of amazing sauces from scratch while everyone else chipped in with the all the extras. (the shameful hit of the night being crazy bread from little ceasar's. ha! so much for being "foodies.") we all talked, laughed, ate and then went out for a little dancing. sadly i don't have anything but a few really bad iPhone pics, so those will have to do...

pretend to ignore the red solo cups, the party was held at a bachelor pad.

mr.a was able to get away from camp dodge for a few hours so he joined us for dinner. if you've ever met seth (yes, first name is seth), you know he has a knack for useless knowledge. he loves to read and retains information like no one i've ever met...except zach (above left). it was hilarious to witness mr.a meet his match. they talked about so many random subjects (helicopters, military stuff, beer, red bull, colorado, etc.), i quietly slipped out of the conversation to avoid being put to sleep. (ha, kidding.) but seriously, these two are quite a pair. as mr.a put it, "when you're talking to zach, you feel like he literally just read the wikipedia article on the subject."
welcome to my world, seth. 

above: zach is either scared to go dancing or scared of the ghost on his girlfriend's head.

since i completely forgot to take any outfit pictures, here's a gratuitous, myspace-esque bathroom picture of what i wore (complete with toothbrush): 
dress: old navy
belt: old navy
black tights: ?
black booties: old navy
necklace: stella & dot

i wish i'd loaded up with a bunch of bangles or something, but i sort of rushed to get ready so accessories were kept to a minimum.
. . .

other highlights of the weekend included a brunch date at panera with my little ladies...

and a trip out to nana & papa's house where we saw a beautiful sunset... 
and had a nice relaxing evening... 

with a bit of entertainment...


  1. Bethany, your hair looks great in that mirror shot. I hope you guys have a great T-day!

  2. I just bought that dress yesterday. :) Love the color.


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