Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wear: plaid, checks, polka-dots, stripes.

i'm assuming that only people with kids under the age of five will have any idea where that title comes from. and if you do, my apologies for getting that song stuck in your head. if you're observant you might notice that this outfit is over a week old. (can you figure out why?) it was a morning that the girls and i treated ourselves to a little breakfast date while mr.a was working. on the weekend. again.
i didn't really intend to overdose on pattern, but once i got started i just couldn't stop! i suppose there are worse vices than pattern, and i have at least two.

okay three.

sweater: j.crew

scarf: old navy

flats: dsw

jacket: gap

pants: gap

Monday, November 28, 2011

wear: trend trifecta.

this weekend we gathered at our friend shannon's place for some cocktails and hors d'oeuvres before going out for a little dancing.

my erika was in town for the weekend.
we always have so much fun together and she fits right in with all of our friends.

don't worry, they didn't really wear their shirts like that.

i was feeling a bit of a hippie vibe and tripled up on trends,
wearing a (faux) fur vest, lace top, and rust-colored pants...

i felt like it was a fun outfit and perfect for a chilly night out.
vest: bcbg, thrifted
top: forever 21
 nude tank: j.crew
pants: heritage
boots: sundance

Sunday, November 27, 2011

do: thanksgiving in a...pumpkin shell.

on thanksgiving day we woke up to a beautiful, quiet morning at home. the girls had spent the night with their nana & poppa so we were able to slowly get ready for the day. mr.a did some work around the house and i did a little bit of cooking. we gathered at my in-laws to eat and enjoy a nice, relaxing afternoon. 

maisy joined us for her first thanksgiving!

oh hey! i got bangs!

the feast!
the oldest member of the family relaxed...

while the newest member of the family charmed us all...

quinn skipped pumpkin pie in favor of skittles... 

eventually we all made it outside.
the weather was gorgeous. 64 degrees is unheard of in late november!

in true redneck fashion, we spent an hour or so shooting guns.  

i wished my dad had been there, i think he would've been proud of me.
i shot a .22 rifle, a .22 pistol, and a .45 pistol and i have to admit, it felt pretty good!
quinn was not a fan of the loud noises. 
(check the identical mouths on these two...)
how's this for a family picture? ha! 

after we got our redneck on, we set up the christmas tree!

i did miss being with my parents* and siblings this year, but we'll all be together for christmas and i can't wait!!!
hope you had a relaxing weekend with your friends and family!

*if you're new 'round here, my parents moved to tennessee this summer after living in iowa for 13 years.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

think: thankful thursday.

it's hard to believe that last year, we were doing this alone. a huge chunk of our hearts on the other side of the world. last year i avoided the "norm" and went to chicago to spend thanksgiving. i remember we had fun and laughed a lot, but despite being surrounded by family, i remember feeling very alone. this year, mr.a is home. he isn't eating instant mashed potatoes or drinking egg nog from a can. he isn't sitting in a tent in the middle of an afghan mountain range. he's here and he's safe. he's home.
while you're enjoying your family, and your meal and the comfort of your home today, please remember the thousands of soldiers who are away from their families, serving our country.

today i'm thankful that our family is together.
but i'm even more thankful for those that are not.
happy thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

wear: gap it out.

yesterday quinny and i went tramping* through the mall. we had a little time to kill before picking up piper from school and gap was doing up to 60% off of everything (plus another 10% for cardholders!). sadly, there was not much in women's, but the kids stuff is super-cute these days and i was able to check a couple things off of piper's wish list (including a hello kitty t-shirt and a super-fuzzy sweat-shirt). anyway, while we were in the women's fitting room (finding nothing worth buying), we took a quick outfit pic.

vest: bcbg, thrift
shirt: banana republic
jeans: gap
boots: sundance
necklace: von maur, gift
earrings: vintage

and this is how i keep quinn happy in fitting rooms...

*i happen to really like the word "tramp".
lady & the tramp? yes. 
super tramp? love.
trampolines? duh.
so, don't you be thinkin' quinny and i were just being hussies as we walked through v-dub (valley west mall), we were wandering about aimlessly with a firm, heavy step!

tramp (trmp)
v. tramped, tramp·ing, tramps
1. To walk with a firm, heavy step; trudge.
2.  a. To travel on foot; hike.
    b. To wander about aimlessly.
1. To traverse on foot: tramp the fields.
2. To tread down; trample: tramp down snow.
1. a. A heavy footfall.
   b. The sound produced by heavy walking or marching.
2. A walking trip; a hike.
3. One who travels aimlessly about on foot, doing odd jobs or begging for a living; a vagrant.
4. a. A prostitute.
   b. A person regarded as promiscuous.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

do: (eating + dancing) > (eating - dancing).

on saturday night i got to do two of my favorite things: eating and dancing. it's no secret that i love to eat, and dancing after a big meal seems like the best way to start burning a few of those calories. i'm lucky that all our friends are foodies and most can hold their own in the kitchen. joey planned a pasta dinner party and made a couple of amazing sauces from scratch while everyone else chipped in with the all the extras. (the shameful hit of the night being crazy bread from little ceasar's. ha! so much for being "foodies.") we all talked, laughed, ate and then went out for a little dancing. sadly i don't have anything but a few really bad iPhone pics, so those will have to do...

pretend to ignore the red solo cups, the party was held at a bachelor pad.

mr.a was able to get away from camp dodge for a few hours so he joined us for dinner. if you've ever met seth (yes, first name is seth), you know he has a knack for useless knowledge. he loves to read and retains information like no one i've ever met...except zach (above left). it was hilarious to witness mr.a meet his match. they talked about so many random subjects (helicopters, military stuff, beer, red bull, colorado, etc.), i quietly slipped out of the conversation to avoid being put to sleep. (ha, kidding.) but seriously, these two are quite a pair. as mr.a put it, "when you're talking to zach, you feel like he literally just read the wikipedia article on the subject."
welcome to my world, seth. 

above: zach is either scared to go dancing or scared of the ghost on his girlfriend's head.

since i completely forgot to take any outfit pictures, here's a gratuitous, myspace-esque bathroom picture of what i wore (complete with toothbrush): 
dress: old navy
belt: old navy
black tights: ?
black booties: old navy
necklace: stella & dot

i wish i'd loaded up with a bunch of bangles or something, but i sort of rushed to get ready so accessories were kept to a minimum.
. . .

other highlights of the weekend included a brunch date at panera with my little ladies...

and a trip out to nana & papa's house where we saw a beautiful sunset... 
and had a nice relaxing evening... 

with a bit of entertainment...

Monday, November 21, 2011

do: the prom.

did you ever watch that show 7th heaven? my family would watch it (and make fun of the terrible acting) because our dad was also a pastor and we had almost as many kids in our family. remember they used to always go to "the prom" (promenade)? they'd walk around, meet up with boys, get ice cream and usually end up in some sort of trouble ("oh no! lucy's best friend is secretly homeless and bulimic and got caught stealing from the t-shirt shop! we better call mom & dad.")

anyway, on friday night we went to our own prom; the holiday promenade in east village. they host this event every year to kick off the christmas season. all the shops have yummy snacks and drinks, great sales, and fun entertainment. (a seniors tap-dancing troupe? ohyestheydid.) mr.a had to be at camp dodge all weekend, so he didn't join us, but we met up with friends and my sister and nephews even joined us for the fireworks display. an unexpected benefit to daylight savings time is being able to watch fireworks at 6:15!

we walked around, sampled, shopped and took in the beautiful window displays. our favorite was at the dance studio...
but a close-second was the bridal boutique...

we looove eden! 
and quinn loves pickin' that nose...
despite a few brief moments of wildness, the girls did awesome and had a lot of fun in each of the stores.  (not to mention being bribed by endless sweets...)
again, quinn with the nose... 
kiehl's heaven... 

the boys give the traditional no-shave-november greeting...
we ended the night with sushi at miyabi 9. again, i was impressed that the girls were well-behaved past their bed time. erin even got quinn to sample a little sushi roll!

if you live in the des moines area, consider doing your christmas shopping among the local business community, especially in east village! there is an awesome variety of shops that have a great selection of unique gifts for anyone on your list!