Thursday, October 20, 2011

wear: sometimes.

sometimes you come home at 8:30 having been gone all day and your kids are overtired and you're overtired (but your dog is not) and it's dark already and everyone's cranky and needy and want-y,
 but you decide to take outfit pictures.

and sometimes when you take outfit pictures at 8:30 when your kids are overtired and you're overtired and your dog is not overtired and it's dark outside and every is cranky and needy and want-y, your attempt at outfit pictures is highly unsuccessful.

and sometimes, after all that, you're not sure if you even like the outfit to begin with.

vest: j.crew
flannel: heritage
t-shirt: j.crew
jeans: paige
boots: dsw
watch: timex

i guess there's always next time.


  1. I am requesting more outtake posts! Hilarious!!!

  2. now *those* are action shots!! these need video and sound - ha! it's nice seeing your new pup in photos.

  3. love it!!! really love the shoes!!!

  4. Hahaha this is how I felt like every day was during deployment. Just replace the over tired baby with a super curious one.


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