Thursday, October 06, 2011

wear: second chances.

i knew we had a few weddings this fall, so i'd been keeping an eye out for a cute cocktail dress that wasn't too....bare. or too expensive. i spotted this dress on the clearance rack in von maur and i felt like the colors were perfect for fall and it was a great price; but when i tried it on, it looked really dowdy on me.

i continued to browse but to no avail. it's hard to want to pay $50 for a $50 dress when you can pay $50 for $150 dress. know what i mean? so i went back and tried it on again. i loved all the little details: puffed sleeves, little tucks here & there, and pockets! it finally dawned on me to have it tailored! von maur has amazing customer service and one of the perks of shopping there is that they'll tailor almost anything you purchase for free or cheap! so they hacked off 4 inches of the hem and made it just right for me in all my 62-inch glory.

jacket: bb dakota (von maur)
dress: max and cleo (von maur)
necklace: thrifted (worn)
shoes: bcbgirls (von maur) 


  1. Ok, that is so smart. Why don't I think of things like this? I am going to make a resolve to get things altered. Especially somebody like me with a "special" (read tall) body type. I should probably have every pair of jeans altered that I own.

  2. Super cute dress! I am pretty much the same height as you, so I know the woes of dressing for our size. You look great, though! :-)


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