Saturday, October 22, 2011

wear: rusted root.

i've been wearing these pants non-stop lately. when i bought them i was nervous they would be hard to pair with anything, but it seems they pair well with lots of things! so far i've worn them with my game-day shirt, this floral t-shirt and this color-blocked shirt. 
and i'm wearing them again as we speak. (errrr...type?)
anyway, they're likely due for a bath.
i suppose i'll have to figure out something else to wear tonight.

sweater: j.crew outlet, $20
flannel: j.crew outlet, $35
necklace: gift
pants: heritage, $22
boots: old navy, $7

 (i know i've been inconsistent with putting prices in the details. it's just laziness and i have no legit excuse for that. bad.)


  1. You should add a "Pin this" button to your blog, your outfits are Pinterest worthy! :)


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