Friday, October 07, 2011

wear: mo' color, mo' problems.

lately i've been in a color rut. or rather, a neutral rut. black, olive, tan, denim, brown...not a whole lot of color in the past few outfits.
one place that has seen a lot of color lately is my hair. hence the hat.
we had a bit of a hair debacle this week and i'm still in the process of getting it back to what i originally wanted. as much as i love the leopard print trend, it's never something i planned to incorporate into my hair color.
yeah, it was that bad. streaks, spots, blotches. it was a hot mess.
(a hot mess that i actually paid for. ugh.) 
 yesterday i spent 2.5 hours at another salon (which was amazing, btw) and i have yet another appointment on wednesday to finish it up. i think it might have been easier (and possibly cheaper) to fly to nyc and have reagan do it.
sigh. lesson learned.

jacket: forever 21
t-shirt: french connection, von maur
jeans: gap
flats: steve madden
hat: walmart
gold watch: timex
pink bracelet: j.crew
gold bracelet: forever 21
black watch: la mer


  1. Oh no, that has to be the worst thing ever. Good luck on Wednesday! I'm sure it'll look better than ever when it is complete :)

  2. Loving that you're posting so much lately. Hating that you got a bad hair do, that sucks. Feel lucky you don't have a 8-5 you can't wear a hat to. Have a great weekend!

  3. Ah! What happened to your hair?! bad color? bad foiling?

  4. That is the worst when it comes to hair color- and I'm surprised they didn't fix it for free!
    Also, I never would have thought to do TWO
    watches, but it's way cute! What will you come up with next? ;)

  5. You could be a model for a Reagan tutorial. I'll be great.

    And I agree with e.kinnear, love all these posts!

  6. ohmygracious! could you be any cuter?! I love that you paired the stripes with the leopard flats. I wish I was bold enough to try that ;) I've never colored my hair (weird, right?), but I always admire people who do! I think your hair looks great now! have a fab weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  7. Actually Chels brings up a good point. They should've fixed it for free.

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