Monday, October 31, 2011

wear: halloween style.

i just realized it has been five years since i've dressed up for halloween! (i remember the last time i dressed up i was pregnant with piper!) i'm not sure why it's been so long; but this year i did double duty and had two different costumes, two nights in a row. friends of ours hosted a great party one night and the next night we were out & about downtown.

i didn't start thinking about costumes until about a week before which didn't leave a whole lot of time for creativity. i was trying to come up with some couple that mr.a & i could be together. my bright idea was rachel zoe and rodger, but mr.a didn't think anyone would get it. so, it was back to the drawing board until my friend ann suggested katy perry and russell brand! totally perfect. i have a minor ok, major crush on russel brand, so i was happy to play katy for one night.
we were trying to keep things cheap (it's amazing how expensive costumes can get), so i bought us a couple of cheap wigs and we were determined to make it work. i'm not sure we actually succeeded in representing them (we got asked, "who are you supposed to be?" a lot), but it's always fun to rock a different look. 

it was hard to find decent wigs without spending an arm & a leg. i just couldn't stand to spend more than $20 on something we would maybe wear a couple times. i went to three different halloween stores and finally just bought some. none of the stores let you actually open the package and certainly not try anything on, plus there are no returns or exchanges; so you kind of just have to bite the bullet. apparently i bit the wrong bullet because both our wigs were pretty awful. especially mr.a's. it was, honestly, kind of gross. we decided it was a bit more howard stern than russell brand, but we decided to just go with it. the rest of our "costumes" were just clothes we already had...
we did a little research and every picture we saw of russel brand he looked disheveled and slightly confused. mr.a already rocks the disheveled look on a regular basis, but he's rarely confused. (unless i start talking about something like how amazing the olsen twins are.) 
on the mr.
: alternative apparel
t-shirt: mine ha! from j.crew
jeans: gap
boots: vintage
wig: halloween express
beanie: old
sunglasses: borrowed from joseph  

as for me, i'm certainly no katie perry, but it was fun having black hair for the evening. i don't own any diamond-encrusted bustiers, so i did the best with what i had in my closet.
on me
jacket: forever 21
tank: back country
pants: gap
booties: aldo via plato's closet
necklace: diy
sunglasses: borrowed from sarah
wig: nobbies

the real mr. & mrs. brand:

my other costume was a bit more believable. just the other day someone had asked me who my favorite movie character is and penny lane from almost famous immediately came to mind.
that conversation paid off later when this outfit was thrown together, completely last minute, from my own closet.  unfortunately i don't have great pictures of it, but here's what i do have. penny lane meets nicki minaj:
i wore...
vest: bcbg, thrifted
top: vintage
tank: forever21
jeans: gap
tons of bangles: miscellaneous
ring: forever21
wedges: fossil
sunglasses: costume shop/diy
and here i am with waldo!
though, i think i may be channeling marykate a lil bit.

what did you wear this weekend?
i'm already thinking of ideas for next year!
(which i will surely forget by next week.)

happy halloween!


  1. funny to admit, my first guess WAS Katy Perry and Russell Brand.. hahaha I think you guys did great!:)Happy Halloween:)

  2. you look super adorable!!

  3. your poses are spot-on in the first pic -- wonderful!! i love your unique ideas ... when people have to ask, it means it's just that good!

  4. I just discovered your adorable blog and I think we have a lot in common! I'm a new follower! I'd love for you to stop by my blog and possibly follow as well. Keep up the great posts!


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