Monday, October 17, 2011

wear: cold comfort.


i fell asleep at 9:30 last night. in this sweater.
i woke up at 9:00 this morning. in this sweater.
i don't think i moved a muscle in those 11.5 hours. i was out. cold.
it was still cold when i woke up and i had no desire to ever leave my bed (ever).
but...i felt like i probably should.

so i kept the sweater on, traded my leggings for real pants, and i was good to go for a day of blog-reading and errand-running.
monday's standards should always be kept reeeaaallllly low.
sweater: j.crew outlet (we have one in iowa now!!!)
long-sleeved t: j.crew
pants: gap
boots: old navy scarf: anthroplogie


  1. Love the boots love the hair love your scarf --just FYI I really enjoy following your blog an inspiration in style u fit my style to a t and I think it's mainly because you don't have 1.set style I love that!!!

  2. Such a tease only being able to see the back of Maisy's head!!!

  3. Love this outfit :) I'm obsessed with those boots, and have been for a really long time... but I can't justify buying them because I live in San Diego and it rarely rains here. Oh well :)
    Your scarf and sweater are beautiful as well :)

  4. My Nordstrom email of the day was pretty much exactly this outfit. Just thought I'd share :)

  5. CUTE, comfy and warm!! can you beat that!! it finally got cold here in KC. I love cold, I am weird but it makes me unusually happy unlike most people!

  6. So great!
    How would you combine black rain boots?

  7. Your style is very inspiring to me! thanks for sharing!

  8. We just got a J.Crew outlet in KC area recently and love. Actually, I need to take another trip soon. This sweater is so cute!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies


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