Monday, October 03, 2011

wear: allergic reactions.

forgive me for keeping my sunglasses on; this morning i woke up with my eyes practically swollen shut. i don't normally suffer from seasonal allergies, but for some reason it hit me this weekend. my whole face hurts and i wanted to just stay in bed all day. alas, there were children to tend to, groceries to pick up and a puppy to bring home! (eeeeeek!) so, i popped some drugs and went on my way, breathing only through my mouth and left nostril. (hate that.)

cardigan: j.crew/$30
tank: ny dot, von maur/$25
gray tank: target/$10
pants: sanctuary, von maur/$23
flip flops: j.crew/$10
watch: target/$25
sunglasses: fossil/$15

side note: so happy to have this tank transition into fall! here's how i wore it this summer. (sigh! i already miss summer!)

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  1. I love that white top, it's perfect in a girly kinda way. I'm kinda jealous that in your part of the world you still get to wear flip-flops.


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