Thursday, October 27, 2011

think. i don't know.

1. i'm tired.
2. a little grouchy.
3. and kind of stressed out.

thankfully, these feelings are all relative and have fairly simple solutions.

1: go to bed earlier.
2: get over it.
3: take a deep breath.

sorry it's been a little quiet 'round here. the past couple of weeks mr.a has been working 12-14 hour days. he leaves before i'm awake and returns when i'm a zombie (awake but basically worthless). luckily this won't continue for much longer, but it's made for some long days (obviously much longer for him than me) and today i'm a little (see above) grouchy. by the way: how did i go most of a year without him ever coming home from work? sheesh! i'm a wimp now.

but here are a couple pictures from one night he didn't work late. this was the night we went to look at the brownstones. we had a little family meeting at raccoon river to discuss the selling/buying/moving options. quinn was wearing this crazy hand-me-down furry vest that she calls her chihuahua. no lie. "where my chihuahua? i want to wear my chihuahua!" hilarious. 

this week has been crazy busy and i feel like we've accomplished nothing towards our goal of getting our house on the market. i'm overwhelmed by all the little things we need to do and i'm not sure where the extra time to do them will come from. can you just tell that friend of yours who wants a cute little starter home to come buy this biz? you know they want it.

on a completely different subject... how good was x-factor this week? i only watched maybe one of the audition shows, but that first live show was pretty awesome. i'm also loving that next great artist show.'s totally not called that. work of art? whatever, it's that art show on bravo. and i love it. a little sad rachel zoe is over for the year but, honestly, this season was a little uneventful. though i did develop an itsy bitsy crush on jeremiah and i totally cried when they had that barbecue. i'm disappointed 'cause i watched the first two episodes of the new girl and have since forgotten about it every week. (yeah, i'll be the last person in america to get dvr, but i'm always completely behind the technological times. my little sister just taught me how to make a playlist on itunes.) in other tv news: i'm watching the project runway finale right now!!! who do you think will win? i'm thinking maybe viktor? who knows... i wouldn't really call myself a big tv-watcher but this last paragraph seems to prove otherwise. :/

on friday night (or was it saturday? i think it was saturday) a friend of a friend rented out this great blues bar for his birthday. i'm not sure how one goes about renting an entire bar, but we were happy to celebrate with him! and, we got our picture taken for metromix. i'm not really sure what metromix is, but our faces were on the internets. #wefamous.

my mom always raves about carolyn's answers in the newspaper. she's a straight-shooter and always seems to give great advice. we don't get the paper anymore but i saw this floating around facebook and it's totally worth reading if you're a mom. or, if you're not a mom but have mom friends. (if it's not legible here, click the link for the full thing.)

and, this is what i wore today.

sweater: j.crew outlet
t-shirt: j.crew
leopard belt: target
jeans: joe's, thrifted
shoes: vintage
yes, i'm wearing that sweater again. but this is not an outfit post (technically).
i just wanted you to have a picture of the stressed, tired, kinda grouchy person telling you all this random stuff.
so this is how i look right now. as i type...

and now i should go to bed.


  1. That article says it perfectly. I may post that to my facebook and make everybody read it...

  2. well the good news for you my dear is because the world series has been airring on fox, there have been no new episodes since those first 2! the show returns next tuesday :)

  3. oops! should have mentioned i'm talking about new girl!

  4. great article... I'm a stay-at-home mom and I don't even know what I do with my time mostly. So it's impossible to explain I suppose. Love your bun in the going out picture, love your sweater and jeans combo (I'm gonna steal those jeans) in the last pics and of course, love sweet little Quinny's chihuahua!

  5. I love that your daughter calls her furry vest a chihuahua. Too cute/funny.

    I don't have kids yet but I totally understand about stay at home parents being busy. I have a lot of friends (mostly guys) who don't understand, though, so I might be sharing that article with them.

    Have a good weekend! I hope it is relaxing and stress free. : )

  6. I'm actually two weeks behind on PR now. I didn't watch the first part of the finale last week and I (obvs) have't seen last nights either. So I don't technically know who is even at fashion week but I think Victor or Anya will win. He's so good, but she's got some pizzazz. Gosh I love that show.

  7. I looove this outfit! I'm pinning it to recreate :-)


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