Friday, October 21, 2011

think: ch-ch-ch-changes.

we're gearing up for some big changes 'round here.
 not like, on the blog. like, life changes.
and it's scary.
and as i type i think of this post.
(are we jumping the gun? is this a good thing? can we do this with grace and purpose?)

for at least a few years we've talked about moving. sometimes we would talk about moving back to colorado (we lived there when piper was born), sometimes we would talk about moving out to the country (mr.a's parents live on an acreage a half an hour west), sometimes we would talk about moving to a quaint community nearby (where everyone seems pleasant and the homes are all adorable), and sometimes we would talk about moving to a unique neighborhood where we have lots of friends and all the homes are restored beauties (or in need of restoration). but, what we always came back to was our desire to be closer to downtown.

as much as i love having a big fenced-in yard and quiet neighbors, we spend the majority of our free-time in the city. most of our friends live near (or in) downtown and we're often there a few times a week. we love the farmer's market, the festivals, the restaurants. we love the idea of our girls growing up with an exposure to all types of people and music and food and art. honestly? we just feel ready for a change.

we had often checked out different lofts and apartments, wishing it was feasible; but it never seemed to be. even one bedroom lofts seemed out of our budget.
just recently i had seen a sign for a new group of lofts on the west end of downtown. it sparked my interest again so i started looking through the downtown living options. the sign i saw led me to an advertisement for a small community of brownstones on the east side of downtown. i have driven by these brownstones a thousand times but always assumed they would be way out of our budget so i never even considered them. when i came upon the listing, i realized they were actually a lot more affordable than i thought. plus, they each have a two-car garage, which is unheard of in downtown living. aside from being in the national guard, mr.a's "civilian" job is residential remodeling. because of that, he needs a place to store tools and possibly do some work. aka: a garage. we always thought it would be impossible to find a place downtown that allowed for that, but this place actually would.

on wednesday we went to see the place with our realtor and we felt really excited about it. we're now in the process of trying to get our house ready to put on the market. we live in an older home that we've done a lot of work to, but there are still some little things that need to be done. my main job is to DE-CLUTTER. not only just for selling purposes, but we'll need to minimize if we're going to live downtown.

so! if you live in the area and you want to come buy (or just take) some of our stuff, please send me an e-mail. we're having a casual garage sale this weekend. (by casual i mean i probably won't get it in the paper and i probably won't put price tags on everything and there might be a sign in the yard. but that's it.) i have a ton of baby/kids stuff (toys/clothing/etc.) to get rid of and lots of furniture/decor items.

 i generally give everyone the benefit of the doubt which gets me in trouble. (i'll get stuck talking to a homeless person for an hour after i gave him like eight dollars in change just cause i'm too nice to walk away.) BUT, because this is a little different, i won't just put my address out there. if you're in the area and are actually interested in buying some of our awesome stuff, just e-mail me and i can send you our address. prices will be cheap/free and we'll probably even give you a beer if you buy something. ;)

love you guys. hope you have a great weekend!


  1. sounds like an awesome opportunity and I think its great you are making steps to live where you both dream about that! I totally get it.

  2. This is SO exciting! I've always been more of a city gal myself and we lived for a short time in a downtown loft here in Grand Rapids while I was pregnant with our second. Sounds like a great family adventure!

  3. exciting!!! good luck with everything. our house is on the market as well. we're hoping to rent next and have considered being closer to your post is very inspiring!

    (we're busy this weekend, and we don't know what we're having yet, but i bet your stuff--all of it--is awesome. i'm trying to declutter as well since we'll be renting something smaller than our current house...otherwise i would definitely come to your sale! even to just meet you in real life! :) if you do have a lot of baby stuff leftover, let me know!)

  4. When are you having it? I might stop by. :)

  5. Oh my gosh! So excited for you...and for us – you'll be so close! Missed your sale-dangit, you know how much I love your hand-me-downs! If you need any help in all this (even if it's just some vino and stinky cheese), I'm happy to help! Love you!


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