Tuesday, October 04, 2011

see: meet maisy.

i feel like i have a ton of stuff from the weekend to blog, but i'm gonna fast-forward for now 'cause i can't wait to show you our new puppy!!
maisy was originally called siete (like, seven). she was from a litter of ten that someone couldn't care for (or didn't want to) so she was placed in a foster home with her siblings. we were pretty sure we wanted a heeler because both mr.a's brothers have heelers and we really love them. when we spotted maisy's picture on an adoption site i instantly fell in love. her siblings were super-cute too, but based on the recommendation of a friend (thanks, allison!) we decided we wanted a female.
mr.a took the girls to meet her one night last week and her foster mom, carla, said she was the sweetest one of the litter. not hyper, not jumpy, not a nipper--perfect for being around young children.
i was getting really nervous about the training aspect (after hearing endless horror stories from all our friends. sorta like when you're pregnant and women feel the need to tell you about their 6-inch tear. really not helpful.) but, when we picked her up, carla said she'd been working really hard to kennel-train her and she should be fine for up to 8-hours! i was so relieved.

she whimpered a little when we first put her in her kennel for bed time, but quieted down quickly and we didn't hear a peep all night long! mr.a took her out this morning and she peed, but when they came back in she pooped in the house. haha, obviously we're still learning.
it hasn't even been 24 hours, but i'm so thrilled with our decision. the girls are having so much fun and she & i are already good buddies.  
it might be another story if she gets ahold of my shoes, but i'm pretty head-over-heels with her. (no pun intended.)


  1. She's so cute!! Congrats on the newest addition to your sweet family!

  2. Oh man, I don't like dogs at all but she sure is a cutie! Maybe I do like dogs? hum.

  3. Oh my goodness...seriously, she is so cute! I can't wait to meet her!! What are you up to tomorrow?!?!?

  4. How adorable!!! I can barely stand her puppy cuteness!!! I hope all is well!!

  5. Oh, she couldn't be cuter! And usually I'm quite biased because I think my puppy is the cutest ever :)

    I think it will definitely be a big help that the foster mom started crate training - at first we had to trick ours to even get her in there, which was hard. Once they're good with being in the kennel you can sleep soundly and leave the house knowing they're safe from getting into trouble, and your stuff is safe!

  6. Just came across your blog. Had to comment on this. The dog I had growing up was a Maisie (with an ie) too. Good luck with your new addition.


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