Wednesday, October 05, 2011

do: quick trip.

as i mentioned yesterday, we took a really quick trip to kansas city for our friend's, cody and kassy's, wedding. we were literally there & back in less than 24 hours, and 7 of those were spent in the car! cody was deployed with mr.a last year so several of our military friends (i guess we now have "military" friends and "non-military" friends) all drove down to celebrate.
we got to our hotel around 3:30 pm, got ready and didn't return til 4 am. yeeeah, apparently we all forgot we're old. and we paid for it dearly when we had to wake up two hours later to get the guys back to des moines in time for their monthly drill. but, it was worth it. we had so. much. fun. it's not too often that we all get to be together so we have to make the most of every
ridiculously-past-our-bedtime moment.
the ceremony and reception were in this chic little place downtown, club 1000. it was a beautiful wedding and especially meaningful considering they'd just spent the past year apart.

we had so much fun dancing and hanging out at the reception, when it was over none of us were ready for the night to end! so we all went downstairs (including the bride & groom) for a little more dancing. it's always fun to be out in public with newlyweds. everyone's excited for them; applauding, buying drinks, etc. 
just a few blocks away was kansas city's power and light district. it's sort of like being in an open-air mall but with mostly just different bars and restaurants. it's an amazing place and i'd never been anywhere like it! 
notice, when we got down to the main area, we were practically the only ones down there (though there were thousands of people in the different bars & restaurants).
slowly the crowd grew (as we were obviously having a fantastic time)... 

and before long, we were surrounded by tons of people.
party-starters. right here. 
we danced. and danced. and danced. until they basically pushed us out the door. it was a blast and we were sad to see the night end.
although, i guess it didn't really end there 'cause we made a waffle house stop on our way back to the hotel! 


  1. So much fun! sometimes I forget that i'm getting older and do the same things! The next day is never fun, but usually always worth it <3

  2. I'd love to see a post on your dress!

  3. awesome that you all had the dance area to yourself for a while! P&L is a fun place to go and perfect since Club1000 is so close! I bet that made it fun for the guest. Our outfits is totally cute!


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