Tuesday, October 18, 2011

do: black 'n yellow.

on saturday we drove to iowa city for a little tailgating fun for the iowa/northwestern game.

aaaannnnd, we had a lot of fun.

which is pretty much a given with this crowd.

it was such a gorgeous day to be outside.

we thought we were going to get tickets, but it fell through and even after trying to scalp some ($140 a piece? no way), we ended up watching the game at a local bar.

after the game (which was great and we won!), nay-nay (the man on the right) took us to this fantastic restaurant in downtown iowa city.

i had the best scallops ever. i'm still dreaming of them.
(mr.a, we have to go back there.)

our waitress was sweet and put up with all our shenanigans.
(especially after nay-nay told her she was going to be featured on a famous blog. he miiiiight've stretched the truth a lil bit.)

at dinner we ran into a buddy of ours from des moines.
he acquired a bar in downtown iowa city (which is right next door to the restaurant), so we went to check it out.

and that's where our night ended.
(okay, plus a stop at panchero's on the way home.)


  1. This looks like a fantastic night. Your outfit is adorable...AND your blog is famous! Give yourself some credit :)

  2. Hey b.a.! I love your ray-bans! Do you remember which size they are? I want to order some but I'm stuck on whether to order the classic, large or small. I'd love to know which ones you have! :)

  3. You went to Joseph's?? So Jealous! I lived in IC for 3 years and never was lucky enough to go (or had a rich enough date to take me!) Yay Hawkeyes!

  4. I was in Iowa City for the Northwestern game, as well, it's so fun to go back (even though I feel like a grandma with all of the girls in their gold leggings)!

    p.s. where did you get that t-shirt, I love it!

  5. Funny fact: I ate at that panchero's in college before we had them in des moines and their cheese quesadillas were $.99!


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