Wednesday, September 07, 2011

wear: work it wednesday.

work it wednesday is a little late this week.
i think you get a little leeway the week after labor day 'cause, let's be honest, who's not confused after a 4-day weekend? 

i thought this week i'd focus on pattern-mixing. pattern-mixing is a fun trend that might seem tricky but is actually pretty simple. i think the key is making sure your patterns vary in size and/or density. does that make sense? if you want to start mixing patterns, a simple way to ease yourself into it is to start with stripes. here are few examples of how easy it is to pair stripes with other patterns...

stripes + flowers
stripes + gingham
stripes + more flowers 
stripes + leopard 

easy, right? think this is a trend you can try?



  1. I think i can try the stripes + flowers. I find it really stylish. I also think pattern mixing is so tricky and confusing a bit! I like your post. You might want to check out LIFO. It's a fun interactive site for girls that let them share their beauty tips, create an outfit as well as share their fashion ideas to others.

  2. love, love, love... i really do need to try this! I don't have tons of pattern, but I bet I can pull something together!

    thx for linking up!

  3. I'm not sure I have the guts to try this! But maybe, just maybe, I will venture out of my small little fashion box and try a floral-esque scarf with stripes.

  4. been browsing your blog for a while this afternoon. and i just realized that all of your post are labeled with your the different aspects of your blog name.

    that's so awesome. :)


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