Friday, September 02, 2011

wear: vacate a deux.

we had originally planned to drive home friday afternoon, but last minute (thanks to my gracious in-laws) we were able to stay an extra day! i really hadn't packed much, but i wasn't going to let a lack of clothing deter me from another day in paradise minnesota.

for snacking and shopping throughout the day, i wore my white jeans from the concert and threw on a henley. it turned out to be a liiiiittle too warm for sleeves, so i ended up rolling them into a short sleeve at some point in the day.

this little necklace that erika gave me seemed the perfect, understated accessory.

though this outfit was sort of an afterthought, and really isn't composed of things that would normally "go" together, i really liked the result. deep down i'm really just a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl, so this was right in my comfort zone.
henley: alternative apparel (men's), $15
jeans: paige via gilt, $60
sandals: sam edelman, $35
necklace: i like you, gift

for dinner later that night, i wore one of my anthropologie purchases.
we didn't get a proper outfit picture, but i wore the same jeans and shoes.  i love that these earrings perfectly mimmick the wave pattern in the blouse.

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