Friday, September 23, 2011

wear: spotted.

true confessions of a suburban fashion blogger:
1. i wasn't going to blog this outfit because it seemed a little... meh. but mr.a said, and i quote, "well don't you look super-cute." (he said super and cute. in the same sentence. swoon.) so i made him take my picture.

2. i totally used this tote-bag so i could use that title.

3. i'm lame. (don't tell the readers.)

shirt: j.crew
scarf: old navy
jeans: talbots
hat: walmart
sandals: von maur
tote: j.crew


  1. i agree with mr. a! i see you are on the 'other side of the fence,' too :) happy weekend to you.

  2. I love your blog! I'm wearing scarves this year, thanks to you!

    If you ever wonder why you keep blogging, please know that you have helped me get out of the stay-at-home mom slump of not taking much pride in what I was wearing. I feel better and look better. I think my overall attitude is better too. THANK YOU!


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