Tuesday, September 06, 2011

wear: nautical.

just a quickie today. we're recovering from a busy (but fun!) weekend...
we grilled out with new friends on friday, then mr.a took the girls home and i went out for a little dancing downtown. (he doesn't dance.) 
piper had a blast at a birthday party on saturday and then mr.a and i met up with some friends for dinner and drinks in west glen.
on sunday we hung out in beaverdale, went home for long naps and then had a fantastic meal and bonfire with even more friends! 
and finally on monday we spent the day by the pool with family and later mr.a & i snuck away for a little date! (which included truffle fries. and i died.)
top: anthropologie
shorts: delia's
earrings: forever 21
bracelets top to bottom:
brown leather wrap, j.crew
hair elastic, erika's
teal leather wrap, j.crew
beaded, anthropologie
silver bangle, gift from my grandad
timex watch, target
(same as in the previous post, just a different band)
sandals: j.crew

p.s. did i tell you i joined twitter? @BeArganbright.
p.p.s. instagram is fun, too! i'm bearganbright.


  1. omg i love this outfit! that shirt is adorable!


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