Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wear: a how-to.

how to go from the gym to the carpool lane, sans shower.
1. put on those jeans that always fit. (no wasting time trying on multiple pairs)
2. put on a striped shirt. (striped shirts trick people into thinking you're wearing a real outfit)
3. throw your nappy hair into a ponytail. (bonus points for dry shampoo)
4. put on your sunglasses. (no one has to know you don't have makeup on)
5. if you have an extra 30 seconds, throw on a necklace . (better yet, just keep one hanging on your rearview mirror)
6. hit the road!

: gap
jeans: paige
necklace: j.crew
shoes: vintage
sunglasses: ray ban


  1. I liked seeing pictures of you. The curves of your mouth and the peaceful look on your face. I also liked your shoes. Love you. Da

  2. Nicely said! I agree about the striped shirt theory :)

  3. those shoes!!! and you got a little sass going, love it!

  4. Haha, this post made me laugh! You actually look great in this outfit, and that is a good point about the stripes.


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