Monday, September 19, 2011

wear: fall firsts.

last week we seemed to go straight from summer into full-on fall overnight.
i felt totally unprepared for the sudden change in temperature, so one afternoon quinn and i snuck off to the mall and i made my first fall purchase.

i wish you could feel how soft this top is. it's sort of a cross between a sweater and a sweatshirt. comfy, cozy, and cute. perfect for chilly fall days.

sweater: splendid
pants: urban outfitters
watch: target
bracelets L-R: target, gift, not sure
flats: target 


  1. Oh, so cute!! Love that sweater...perfect fall piece! I always love seeing how you layer your bracelets...perfect!

  2. love your sweater! is it from von maur?

  3. Love it! Fall fell upon us in a snap in MN, too. I just purchased some faux-fur lined boots that can fold down or be knee high. And the best part? They were clearance. Pretty sure that earns me some type of super-shopping bonus points, right?

  4. @spenser: yep, got this in heaven. i mean...von maur.
    @harper: bonus-BONUS points because you basically got two pair of boots for the price of one! convertible anything is brilliant!

  5. I was also unprepared for the sudden temperature change.

    I like this shirt. I'm a big fan of the neckline and color.


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