Monday, September 05, 2011

wear: casual sunday.

before my parents moved to tennessee, we used to go to their house for lunch every sunday after church. it was always great to be together as a family, but also nice having a really good meal to look forward to (that i didn't have to cook).
to replace that tradition, we've been on the hunt for the perfect brunch place. we've tried several throughout town and yesterday we tried tally's. i get a little nervous with buffet lines (mass quantities of food sitting over little burners for hours? sketchy.), so it has to be a pretty reputable place for me to subject myself to a buffet.
we had been to tally's before, and thought their food was amazing.
so it seemed a risk worth taking. was.
i know this photo makes it look like we're in heaven,
but i think i actually just had bacon grease on my iphone.
they had a unique spread (pepperjack hashbrowns, steamed mussels, penne pasta...just to name a few) and a great bloody mary bar. it was a gorgeous, fall-like day in beaverdale and there were lots of people out enjoying the patios. after eating our money's worth, we walked around for a while. it was a nice afternoon.
this was supposed to be a wear post.
so on to the clothes... 

i love dressing for this kind of weather; cool and crisp, but still warm in the sunshine. it's like everything in your closet is fair game! this is my favorite time of year.
thermal: columbia, $28
t-shirt: j.crew, $10
shorts: sanctuary, $30
(this is a guess, they're really old.)
shoes: toms, $44
(sadly these have now gone up in price...) 
watch: target, $30
leather wrap bracelet: j.crew, $10
sunglasses & bag: fossil, $20/$40

wanna see the last time i wore almost this exact outfit?
warning: i was a little chunky :/


  1. Love those Toms :) I need a new pair and I'm trying to decide which color I want.



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