Thursday, September 22, 2011

wear: blustery.

vest: j.crew
shirt: j.crew
scarf: target
flats: steve madden
earrings: vintage

edit: hey friends. i have good news and bad news about the jeans. the good news? they really are the best jeans ever. (especially for us short chickies!) they are paige premium denim's skyline ankle peg. they fit perfectly and have maintained their shape for about five years now. they are my all-time favorite jeans and i actually have them in three colors (this faded wash, dark rinse and white).  the bad news is...they're really expensive. the pair i'm wearing in this post was purchased before we had babies and i had a job and somehow justified paying eek! $150 for a pair of jeans. the other two pairs i purchased since then through and got them for less than half that price. you can purchase them from paige's website and right now they're offering 20% off, but they're even more expensive now than when i bought them a few years ago. if you're willing to shell out the big bucks for these jeans, i promise you won't regret it, but they are definitely an investment. here they are on shopbop for a little less. and here they are on amazon for a lot less. and you can always try ebay. and if you ever see them on gilt or hautelook or any of those sites--snatch them up!
as for the scarf, it was an older purchase from target. probably last year or later. sorry! but target always has great scarf options! i'm tempted to add to my scarf collection every time i'm there. (which seems to be weekly. :/ i promise i don't always indulge!)


  1. oh man i love those earrings! you look darling as usual!

  2. i love your jeans!! where are they from?

  3. I also like your jeans! Where are they from? I'm looking for a great new pair of skinnies, but I"m short and even the "short" ones I try on have all been too long. UGH! I feel like you're kind of short too (I hope I didn't make that up) and those look like the perfect length!

  4. Is that scarf a recent Target purchase? Because if it is, I am running to the store tonight. I love love love it so much with the green vest and funky earrings.

  5. Pretty earrings! I love vintage jewelry.

  6. Thanks for the jeans update. A little pricey to just buy myself but perfect for christmas lists and etc. It's always nice to have a recomendation when making a purchase like that. Thanks!!!


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