Thursday, September 29, 2011

think: there & back.

several months ago i stepped way out of my comfort zone and attended my first yoga class. thankfully, i stepped into a very warm and welcoming environment, not at all the intimidating picture i had imagined. the teacher of this class is one of the most gentle, caring people i have ever met and the hour i spend in that room each week has become invaluable to me. this particular class is less about burning calories and more about centering your body and mind (without a lot of new-age spirituality, which i don't necessarily relate to). i've found it's really good for me to take a class that's as much about my mind and heart as it is my body. it really helps me release a lot of stress, it helps me think clearly and i leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

this morning, my instructor was discussing the importance of carefully committing to our choices. when you choose to take a certain path (in this case, into a certain position or posture), it is important to be confident that you have the strength to get back. with each position there are varying degrees of difficulty that you can choose to take on; however, it's important to be able to return from each position with purpose and grace. i knew that she was simply referring to our practice, but i immediately thought of how applicable that is to our lives. how often we make choices that lead us down a path we may not have the strength to walk. we don't consider the way back. or, whether there even is a way back. and if not, whether we have the strength to forge a new path.

i'm prone to make decisions without really considering the big picture.
it may be something relatively small ("yes! let's get a puppy!") or something life-changing ("yes. i support your decision to enlist.") it may be something i think is no big deal ("let's use a natural birth control method.") that turns into a really big deal ("i'm pregnant.") it may be something that starts innocently ("let's sleep in this week.") and becomes a habit ("when is the last time we went to church?")  all these choices, these steps down different paths, they've shaped our lives and many days i think, "why is this so hard? why can't i just go back?" 

one thing i've learned from the past year is that there's no way to know your own strength until you put it to the test. and yet there are days i feel like i can't see the path at all. i begin to question my ability to take the next step with purpose and grace. i don't know where all these paths will lead; but like this venture into yoga, i'm learning more about myself with every move.


  1. Love yoga!! I've only done dvds, but I can't wait to try a class someday soon!

  2. love this post... I need to keep this in mind more.

  3. Yoga in a studio.with a great instructor changes everything. It is my favorite! I.used to get to yoga 3 times a week. And you are right, if just seems to balance everything......well it woikd balance me.
    *sigh*.... I need ro create the time.for yoga again.

  4. oh i just love this post. when i first started doing yoga a couple of years ago i loved connecting the lessons learned in the class to my daily life. purpose and grace - oh they're just so important - thanks for that reminder :)


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