Thursday, September 15, 2011

think: bits & pieces.

ever since piper started school, i've had trouble settling into the new routine. well, let's be honest--there is no routine at this point. the gym i go to is on the west side of town, our house is on the north side of town, and her school is sort of right in the middle. everything is about 10-15 minutes away from everything else and i haven't quite figured out the best way to get a workout in, get the girls fed and make it to school on time. plus, quinn sleeps til about 9:30 and i hate to wake her... but our mornings are too frazzled the way they are, so something's gotta give. (and i don't think my clothes can "give" anymore...)

right now my three goals each day are to get a work-out in, get piper to school on time, and keep the kitchen clean. (the rest of the house can suck it.) so far i usually succeed in two outta three. progress, people.

as crazy as life is right now, i really am enjoying the afternoons with quinn. it's nice having some one-on-one time* with her and it's so much easier to run errands when you only have to bribe and wrangle one child.
*is it just me or is it impossible to say "one-on-one time" without thinking of the bachelor?

 all this crazy has made it difficult to blog so apologies for the silence around here. another thing that makes it difficult to blog is when your computer turns against you and decides to delete your entire post just moments before you were set to publish. this happened to me yesterday and i may have gotten a little bit angry. i may have also said a cuss word out loud. (and four more in my head.)  i was trying to answer a bunch of questions that you guys have asked recently and now i can't even remember them all. it's really annoying to try and re-write a post you wrote the day before so, forgive me if this is a bit lackluster. it wasn't all that great the first time around either.

without further ado,
here are some bits and pieces for ya...

1. skincare: i have really finnicky skin (read: crappy) and it's always given me trouble. about six or seven years ago i started using arbonne products and have seen a huge difference in my skin. they only use pure ingredients in all of their products and they are all certified vegan. some natural and organic lines don't seem to perform as well, but i feel like arbonne products are just as effective as any department store brand. it's not cheap, but i finally decided it's worth it. plus, the products last forever. i replace my facewash maybe every 4 months and that's using it twice a day. the mineral powder foundation is one of my can't-live-without products. it covers really well, stays put and gives you that healthy glow that makes college boys try to hit on you. (please refer to the previous post if that joke seems random and inapropriate.) they also have a great bronzer and sunless tanner that i use year-round.

2. bathing suit: i purchased these high-wasited black bottoms from urban outfitters last summer and unfortunately they no longer have them on the site. but they've carried them for two years now, so i bet they will again. the leopard-print top is just from target. at first i was nervous that the midwest wasn't ready for the retro trend, but i really love this suit. i feel comfortable in it (as comfortable as one can be in a bathing suit) and it's definitely mom-bod friendly. just tuck that lil tum away!

3. game day shirt:
i got this at our local t-shirt sh
op, raygun. mr.a and i have several of their shirts and they get a lot of wear. they have hilarious phrases, great designs and always print on these great american apparel shirts that are nice and thin & fit really well. i didn't really love the style of shirt they used for "beat the other team" so one of the gals said they could just print it on a different style shirt! by the time i was at the register, it was off the press and waiting for me. impressive. we're going there on friday night for a little party they're hosting and i think this might be my next purchase. fyi: i always buy a women's medium or a men's xs, but that's 'cause i like to give my love-handles some breathing room.

4. shout-out: it was fun to read all your responses and suggestions during our mini-minne-vacay. i didn't realize i had so many northern readers! and, anyone who worried we didn't give st. paul its due--put your mind at ease. we've spent plenty of time with both twins and find them equally delightful!

5. siete: mr.a and i have talked about getting a dog for years (literally, like 6 years.) and i think we're finally ready to bite the bullet! he brought it up the other night and within an hour we had scoured local listings for rescue dogs and found a pup that seems exactly what we're looking for. her name (for now) is siete and she's a blue heeler/australian sheep dog mix. we're going to go meet her later tonight! as exciting as it is, i'm really nervous, too. it's such a big commitment! and i know i'd be mostly responsible for training her. ugh. luckily we have wood floors. and hey, maybe i'll kill two birds and potty train quinn at the same time!

ummm. sooo...i guess that's the end of this weird post. i know i forgot some questions, so feel free to leave them in the comments and i'll try to put together another post like this sometime soon (one that won't suffer from spontaneous deletion).
hopefully it won't take long for us to settle into this new schedule and i can find a little more blog-time. until then, if you're jonesin' for an update, there's always twitter! (@BeArganbright)


  1. Raygun?! Amazing! Just checked it out and I picked out 4 shirts! yippeee!

  2. You are a crack-up! Ummm, "the rest of the house can suck it" seriously made me snort!
    Love your blog & love you! (that's not awkward, right?!?)

  3. So, I this may be awk, but i've read your blog for a long time and I trust your opinion....I have super sensitive skin as well. Which Arbonne facewash do you use? My sensitive skin is heightened by the fact that I'm a runner and because you are too, I think I might try out whatever you use!

  4. Thanks for sharing Raygun! I just ordered the A.C Slater shirt for myself and the Wave Next Time You Fly Over one for my friend who is moving soon.


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