Tuesday, September 20, 2011

do: rememberance run.

on sunday our family participated in the 2nd annual rememberance run. it's an event organized by iowa remembers, a non-profit whose mission is to honor the lives of iowa's fallen soldiers.

when we woke up on sunday morning, it was cold and rainy; a perfect day to stay snuggled in bed. but we slowly got up, got ready, bundled up the girls, and headed out the door. when we got there, it was still very gray, cool and misting, but everyone seemed to be in good spirits and there was an overall sense of camaraderie, knowing we were all there for a unified purpose. a purpose greater than having fun or clocking your best time.
we gathered at the starting line and listened to the names of all 88 soldiers who have lost their lives since the war on Iraq began in 2003. it was sobering to know that most of the people gathered there, were the friends and family of those fallen soldiers. a young woman with a daughter piper's age, who lives just minutes from us, shared about her experience losing her husband just a few months ago. he should have returned home when my husband did, but he never will.
the race was really enjoyable; people of all ages, cheering each other on, some walking, some running. mr.a and i ran together; his pushing both girls in the stroller allowed us to maintain an equal pace. we saw lots of friends along the way and my girl, mustard* even snapped a shot of mr.a en route...

after the race we all had lunch together and they had a great band playing.
i sat there, enjoying my lunch, enjoying the music...just enjoying myself, and all of a sudden the gravity of what we were doing really sunk in.
i looked at all the people around me and thought about the hundreds of lives affected by just one lost. i looked up and ten yards ahead of me was a display honoring iowa's fallen. i took piper's hand, walked her over to it and knelt down beside her.

do you know why we're here today, piper?
to run in the race?
yes, we did run in the race. but the reason we are here is to remember the soldiers, like daddy, who died fighting for our freedom.
they died?
yes. they didn't get to come home to their families like our daddy did.
it's important to remember who they are and be thankful for what they did.

we walked over to the display and looked at each picture and read each name.
and we felt very thankful.

*top two pictures and video taken from the iowa remembers facebook page.


  1. What an awesome role you played that day not only going and supporting/giving thanks but as a mother...tears in my eyes when i read that!!! all we can do is pray they return & be thankful for all

  2. I teared up too! I don't think I would be able to run in a race line that until The Hubs comes home... I would feel like I was jinxing him somehow!

    Anyway, I wanted to stop by and let you know that I gave you a versatile blogger award! Love the blog!


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