Thursday, September 01, 2011

do: mini-vacay, part 3

day three might have been my favorite day. yes, i think it was. they were all wonderful in their own way, but day three was best.  

we started off with breakfast at the french meadow cafe, which was the first certified organic bakery in the united states! this was another situation where it was nearly impossible to decide what to order. but, after a couple days of utter gluttony, i went with an egg white omelette (goat cheese, green onions, sun-dried tomatoes--divine).
we sat on their gorgeous patio and enjoyed a slow, casual meal.
after breakfast we had a mission to find home depot (erika needed a little handyman help around her place)  we dropped off the boys and headed over to the anthropologie store which just happened to be a block away. i made a purchase (or two) and we took the boys back to erika's.

we wanted to do some more shopping, but needed a bit of sustenance so we went back to the red stag for a little snack.
it was an odd time of day (maybe 2?) so we basically had the place to ourselves. we talked and laughed and had so much fun together. erika is one of those people that's just really good for your heart. she's just a lover. she makes people feel good and happy, even when they don't always deserve it. she really believes in people. seriously, i could probably avoid therapy altogether if i just had a weekend with erika every couple of months!

anyway, we walked over to this cute little gift shop.
we browsed for a while and i swung for a while. it's hard not to love a shop with a swing!

when the boys had finished up their work, we went back to erika's to hang out on the rooftop pool for a while.

after that, mr.a and i went to visit his aunts at their house in st.paul. we had fantastic thai food (no pictures?! fail) and so enjoyed being with them.

following dinner we met back up with erika and eason. they were having a late meal at the northeast social. it's another amazing restaurant. (i need to expand my foodie vocabulary. clearly i could never be a food writer.)
 mr.a and i had a drink while they had dinner, but eventually i succumbed and ordered the carpaccio which was to die for. the best i've had in my life. luckily, erika and mr.a didn't really care for it, so i got to have most of it to myself.
and then there was dessert.
 ooooohhhhh, that dessert. honey rosemary panna cotta. i can say, without hesitation, it was the most delicious, enjoyable thing i have ever consumed. ever. i'm really more of a salt person than a sweets person, but this was perfection. my mouth is watering just recalling the flavors. it was so light, just barely sweet and the rosemary was strong but not over-powering. if you are in the state of minnesota, i suggest you get yourself to the northeast social and order this dessert.*
 our waiter was fantastic (though, again, no pictures). he made great suggestions and great conversation; but didn't overstay his welcome. of course, at the end of the night we found out he was from iowa! no wonder he was so perfect...

*this is obviously highly subjective to my personal pallate. my dinner-mates weren't as out-of-their-minds about this as i was. we were all in agreement that it was delicious, but i was kind of going nuts over it.

 after our fine experience at northeast social, we decided we needed a little low-brow; a round a beers and darts at grumpy's was the perfect solution. 
when i was a kid, like maybe 8 years old, we had a dart board in our basement. we used to play a lot, but never actually followed the rules. that's probably the last time i threw a dart. but after a few quick tips from eason, i promptly dominated that game.
and i will never forget the moment that screen said...
it was an amazing moment. 
yeeeah buddy.
the day basically couldn't have gotten any better, so we decided to quit while we were ahead. we sloooooowly walked home and said good-night to our new favorite city.

the next morning we got up, packed up and hit the road first thing. i slept the whole way home while the boys talked about whatever boys talk about. 
we had such a great trip, you guys. if it sounds like all was did was eat, drink and shop, well...that'd be accurate. but seriously? those are three of my favorite things. and i got to do them with three of my favorite people. so even if we didn't go very far or stay very long, this was one of the best vacations we've ever had. 


  1. I really like the photos on the swing.

  2. NE Social - my 2nd fave restaurant. I love when other people enjoy my MinneFABulous!

  3. I love your swimsuit! Where is it from!??!

  4. sounds amazing. p.s. i need your swim suit bottoms. please tell me they are still available!

  5. You should really be wearing the suit wherever you go. It's that cute.

    St Paul is sad that you spent so much time in Mpls. We are really sweet this side of the river :)


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