Friday, September 30, 2011


i wasn't planning to blog this outfit since it's so similar to this one, but i wanted to show you these cute boots i snagged at dsw. i had a store credit and have been looking for a lace-up boot that was comfortable enough to wear throughout the winter. i'm too scared to wear heels when the sidewalks are covered in ice, but these wedges are super-comfy and actually have some traction on the bottom making them winter-friendly.
jacket: forever 21
shirt: target

belt: old navy
jeans: paige
shoes: dsw
pins: j.crew
i wore this last week when my little sis snagged a couple tickets to a musical at the stoner theater. it was fun to have a little sister time and i hadn't been to the stoner in years! it's a fun venue because it's so small, there's not a bad seat in the place. you should definitely try to see a show there if you're local.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

think: there & back.

several months ago i stepped way out of my comfort zone and attended my first yoga class. thankfully, i stepped into a very warm and welcoming environment, not at all the intimidating picture i had imagined. the teacher of this class is one of the most gentle, caring people i have ever met and the hour i spend in that room each week has become invaluable to me. this particular class is less about burning calories and more about centering your body and mind (without a lot of new-age spirituality, which i don't necessarily relate to). i've found it's really good for me to take a class that's as much about my mind and heart as it is my body. it really helps me release a lot of stress, it helps me think clearly and i leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

this morning, my instructor was discussing the importance of carefully committing to our choices. when you choose to take a certain path (in this case, into a certain position or posture), it is important to be confident that you have the strength to get back. with each position there are varying degrees of difficulty that you can choose to take on; however, it's important to be able to return from each position with purpose and grace. i knew that she was simply referring to our practice, but i immediately thought of how applicable that is to our lives. how often we make choices that lead us down a path we may not have the strength to walk. we don't consider the way back. or, whether there even is a way back. and if not, whether we have the strength to forge a new path.

i'm prone to make decisions without really considering the big picture.
it may be something relatively small ("yes! let's get a puppy!") or something life-changing ("yes. i support your decision to enlist.") it may be something i think is no big deal ("let's use a natural birth control method.") that turns into a really big deal ("i'm pregnant.") it may be something that starts innocently ("let's sleep in this week.") and becomes a habit ("when is the last time we went to church?")  all these choices, these steps down different paths, they've shaped our lives and many days i think, "why is this so hard? why can't i just go back?" 

one thing i've learned from the past year is that there's no way to know your own strength until you put it to the test. and yet there are days i feel like i can't see the path at all. i begin to question my ability to take the next step with purpose and grace. i don't know where all these paths will lead; but like this venture into yoga, i'm learning more about myself with every move.

wear: 90's at noon.

our local rock station does 90's at noon. a whole hour of 90's music and i love it. i know everyone thinks their generation of music is the best, but i really think rock music was in a great place in the 90's. (don't get me wrong, i'm crazy for classic rock, but it's hard to beat the nostalgia i have when listening to smashing pumpkins, oasis, alice in chains, nirvana, foo fighters, et cetera... just takes me back to junior high rebellion, my massive crush on mark kettenhofen, recording songs from the radio onto cassettes and passing notes in a world before texting. i gotta lotta love for the 90's.) 
my friend, courtney, was just writing about 90's fashion and it totally inspired this outfit. wearing this skirt and these boots together seems like something i would have wanted to wear in junior high. with a sweet flannel tied around my waist, of course.
alas, here i am, fifteen years later with a baby around my waist instead...
nostalgia is great... 
but there's nothing like the present.
t-shirt: j.crew
scarf: target
skirt: j.crew
boots: steve madden
earrings: vintage
watch: timex/target
sunglasses: ray-ban

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wear: the wonder blouse.

last night for the birthday dinner, i was running a bit behind (of course) which can make getting dressed a tad stressful. fortunately i have this wonder-blouse that makes outfits just magically fall into place. i know pairing a blouse with a pair of jeans isn't exactly mind-blowing, but the wonder-blouse is so pretty, it distracts from anything else you're wearing. (here's a better view of it.) basically you could wear it with sweatpants and it would still look awesome.
you need to find yourself a wonder-blouse. i got mine on clearance for about $30 at anthropologie, which would be a good place to start. but be careful, you may get sucked in to all their other wonder-clothes. be strong! stick to the sale section! and whatever you do, don't have your credit card handy!
blouse: anthro
tank: j.crew
jeans: gap
necklace & bracelet: gifts from erika
ankle boots: dsw 

do: 20+29=old.

last night my sisters and i went out for dinner to celebrate their birthdays! my little sister turns twenty this week and my older sister turned almost-thirty last week. (ha, i like to rub it in, but i know there'll be payback when it's my turn!)
our sweet parents treated us all the way from tennessee (via gift card). thanks mom & dad! we had a great meal at americana which was devoured so quickly i could only snag a few pictures of empty plates! we split a crab dip appetizer, two entrees (the roasted chicken and oscar a la americana) and two desserts (miniature birthday cake and peach cobbler)! oh! and a side of french fries. haha, the what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets!  
the birthday cake was the most adorable thing. it was topped with sprinkles, plastic rings and a... giraffe finger puppet? random, but fun!
it was fun to be with my sisters. we never make plans with just the three of us.
i think this birthday dinner needs to be a tradition!
(especially if mom & dad are buying! wink!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wear: september & oktober.

jacket: forever 21
scarf: target
sweater: gap
jeans: gap
boots: mia via dsw

this weekend we went downtown to the annual oktoberfest.
it was a crisp evening so we all bundled up and started the night out with hot apple cider (and honey rum)!

the boys looked cute tough in their flannel.
there was a great crowd down there; people young and old, and plenty of lederhosen.

we snagged a table under the tent and had a great time talking, laughing and sampling different beers.
joey looked like a hobbit next to these boys...

sweet meredith was freezing, so i snuggled her...
she's such a little nugget.
we saw lots of old friends and made some new friends.
it was such a fun, fall night.

Monday, September 26, 2011

wear: weather wear.

today i accidentally slept in and woke up 8 minutes before we were supposed to be somewhere. ugh. i suck at mornings.
i probably should have ran out of the house in my pj's, but i was wearing leggings. and my game day shirt. a little too lohan-esque. so, i decided i might as well get dressed. quickly.
today is gray and windy and cool. which called for plaid, corduroy and a sweatshirt.
the perfect combo for fall.
sweatshirt: j.crew
plaid tunic: h&m
belt: talbots
cords: j.crew
flats: gap

Saturday, September 24, 2011

wear: shopping stipulations.

this vest was sort of my anniversary present from mr.a.
i say "sort of" because he was actually in afghanistan at the time of our anniversary, so i bought it myself. 
with his blessing, of course.

for me to pay full price for anything (which i did on this vest), i have to believe that it's versatile enough to wear with almost anything and i have to love it enough to wear almost daily. this vest met both requirements.

so get used to it.
there are many ways and days of wear ahead.  

solid & triped tanks: j.crew
henley: forever 21
vest: j.crew
jeans: paige (via gilt)
boots: steve madden
necklace: gift
watch: target
friendship bracelet: gift from mer
poet bangle: gift from my grandad

Friday, September 23, 2011

wear: spotted.

true confessions of a suburban fashion blogger:
1. i wasn't going to blog this outfit because it seemed a little... meh. but mr.a said, and i quote, "well don't you look super-cute." (he said super and cute. in the same sentence. swoon.) so i made him take my picture.

2. i totally used this tote-bag so i could use that title.

3. i'm lame. (don't tell the readers.)

shirt: j.crew
scarf: old navy
jeans: talbots
hat: walmart
sandals: von maur
tote: j.crew

Thursday, September 22, 2011

wear: blustery.

vest: j.crew
shirt: j.crew
scarf: target
flats: steve madden
earrings: vintage

edit: hey friends. i have good news and bad news about the jeans. the good news? they really are the best jeans ever. (especially for us short chickies!) they are paige premium denim's skyline ankle peg. they fit perfectly and have maintained their shape for about five years now. they are my all-time favorite jeans and i actually have them in three colors (this faded wash, dark rinse and white).  the bad news is...they're really expensive. the pair i'm wearing in this post was purchased before we had babies and i had a job and somehow justified paying eek! $150 for a pair of jeans. the other two pairs i purchased since then through and got them for less than half that price. you can purchase them from paige's website and right now they're offering 20% off, but they're even more expensive now than when i bought them a few years ago. if you're willing to shell out the big bucks for these jeans, i promise you won't regret it, but they are definitely an investment. here they are on shopbop for a little less. and here they are on amazon for a lot less. and you can always try ebay. and if you ever see them on gilt or hautelook or any of those sites--snatch them up!
as for the scarf, it was an older purchase from target. probably last year or later. sorry! but target always has great scarf options! i'm tempted to add to my scarf collection every time i'm there. (which seems to be weekly. :/ i promise i don't always indulge!)