Tuesday, August 16, 2011


de ja vu.

this weekend we met up with our friends grant & ann for our yearly trip to the state fair. (more on that later...) we hadn't even walked through the front gate when mr.a said, "what are the chances that you wore that dress to the fair last year?" i laughed and ann agreed, saying she had thought the same thing when i got out of the car.

sure enough, they were right.
i even wore the same necklace! crazy thing? mr.a wasn't even with us last year at the fair! he'd already left for his deployment, but had read my blog post about it. the man has a mind like a steel trap. which i love and hate at the same time. wink!

i guess this is my official state fair dress. it's easy, cool and honestly? i've never received more compliments from complete strangers on a single item in my wardrobe. plus, i kinda love bragging that i got it at a consignment store. it still had the original tags on it and was originally $160!

now that's a dress worth wearing again and again and again...

dress: thrifted from worn, $45
necklace: thrifted from plato's closet, $3
bracelets: miscellaneous
sandals: sam edelman, $35
(yes, i do wear these every day. wouldn't you?)



  1. yah id wear this outfit again too it is super cute. i love the colors of the dress, the necklace and your stack of bracelets, gorgeous. man can you be my personal stylist? i love your look!

  2. I love those bracelet, lately I'm into that so I slowly started collecting those thingies :D

  3. you are super cute! and super tan!

    any idea where I could find a dark leather wrap bracelet like yours? sooo cool.

  4. how on earth are you able to State Fair It with cute sandals? I only had to learn that lesson one time: wear the most comfortable pair of shoes that you own to the fair. Last year I worn tennis shoes with a skirt. Yep. I was that lady. But the alternative is blisters and complaints of "oh my aching feet!"

  5. haha, @emD: luckily, one of the reasons i wear these sandals so often is because they're super comfortable! even i know better than to suffer at the fair for fashion!

    @kristen: my wrap bracelet came from j.crew ($10?) and last time i was there they still had them. they're actually a cognac color. i just wore mine in the shower a few times to darken it.

  6. I love your dress. It is really cute. Plus, I love all of your bracelets. I really need a leather wrap bracelet.

  7. I've been following your blog for a few months now and can't help but notice how nice your tan looks. Seems like I remember a prior post where you talked about wearing sunless tanner. If so, will you share what brand you use? Lovely dress and one of my favorite outfits thus far.

  8. This dress is so adorable, if I owned it, I would wear it everyday! lol


  9. I LOVE THAT DRESS!! I love orange. Beautiful.

  10. It really does scream fair. In a good way!


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