Friday, August 12, 2011


do you ever have those days where you just want to blend in? you don't really want to see anyone or get caught in small talk? you don't want to draw any more attention than necessary? i believe every person has a deep, innate need to be truly seen and heard, but some days i just really don't care for either.
as much as i love bright, attention-getting colors; neutrals are a nice security blanket. olive green, cognac, and tan were perfect for just blending in.
t-shirt: j.crew, $15?
belt: target, $7
skirt: j.crew, $25
bracelet: aerie, $6
sandals: sam edelman, $35
by the way, i had to look up the correct spelling for camouflage. some army wife i am!


  1. what a completely adorable outfit. you look chic!

  2. Um, sorry, but that's a completely adorable outfit. Pretty sure you never blend in unless you wear your yoga pants in public :)

  3. so cute!! i saw the shirt and thought oh my goodness my 4 yo has that shirt and its from crew cuts so that explains it!

  4. I love that belt! And I think the neutral colors are calming.


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