Wednesday, August 10, 2011


bright summer night.

the morning after joseph's big bash, mr.a & i got up early and drove west to his parents' home town. they were having their annual festival and it always kicks off with a parade on saturday morning.
 grandpa jim got to drive an old army jeep and asked mr.a to ride with him.
we spent the afternoon with the arganbright clan, snuck in some naps, went to a wine tasting at dale valley, grilled out with more family and rounded out the night with the town street dance where we danced in the rain. i love being in small towns. the people are great and we definitely met some characters that night! (next time you see me, ask how my 22-year old cousin and i got free beer all night. it might involve her bum getting slapped...)

this is what i wore...

dress: roxy, thrifted ($15)
necklace: fossil (gift)*
sandals: sam edelman, dsw ($35)
*someone commented on my last post about all the sweet fossil deals i've been scoring lately. well, hate to say it, but i'm just lucky. haha, just kidding. actually my lil sis works for fossil and they have a family discount, so i've been getting the hook-up lately.


  1. everything is better in a garden of zinnias and cosmos!

  2. Thanks for answering my question. You're a lucky girl, your Fossil stuff is all awesome!


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