Thursday, August 04, 2011


frankly, the reason i keep putting off the big homecoming post is because i'm still processing it all myself. it's all very... strange. and new.
i'm still sorting through all the thoughts and feelings and emotions that accompanied mr.a when he walked through our door after being gone for a year.
not that it hasn't been wonderful (it has, on many levels), but it's....a lot. a lot of change. people who know me know i'm not good at sugar-coating. and even a lot of you, who don't know me, know i speak tmi as a second language. so, out of respect to myself and my family, i'm trying to get to a place where i can write clearly and openly and honestly about what our experience has been like

for now, i'll just say: we're thrilled to have him home and the rest is a little bit blurry.

top: random brand, thrifted ($9)
pants: sanctuary, von maur ($23)
sandals: sam edelman, dsw ($35)
necklace: vintage no. 35 (gifted)

this is terrible: i was entered into a drawing and won this necklace and now i can't even remember the company's name. it's a local etsy designer. something like, 57 vintage. but i've searched for it & can't find it. if you're out there and you designed this necklace: THANK-YOU! i promise to link you up as soon as i get it figured out!
edit: i finally found the business card of the jewelry designer who made this cute necklace! her name is tricia hall and she has two cute shops:

Vintage No. 35
Daisy Patch Kids

check them out!


  1. B I think you're amazing :) I think we are all having that same blurry experience we have no idea what to think! Can't wait to see you two soon and catch up! Have a drink thats for sure :)

  2. That's exactly the same feelings i had when Derek got back from deployment last summer! But it took me a month or so to but words to all the emotions i was feeling. Don't rush yourself; take all the time you need!

  3. You are too cute! I love your style. That is so exciting that he is home! Enjoy every second!

  4. My husband was only gone 6 months and honestly, it was hard when he got home. Obviously I'd rather him be home but I had come up with such a great routine without him and he completely messed it up when he came back. House was dirty, kids' schedule was all jacked up, etc. It's a strange adjustment and I felt guilty for months that I was so bugged at how he messed up our schedule. Haha. It sounds horrible, but we were over it in no time and back to a routine that included all of us. Can't wait to read your thoughts on it! Army world brings out a looot of bi-polar crazy emotions.


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