Monday, August 01, 2011


mini me.
one of the disadvantages of being extremely short and small-chested is that it's really hard to look like a hussy. sometimes i really try,* but i just end up looking like a nice girl in a push-up bra.

luckily, my bawdy sense of humor and occasional sailor's mouth can sometimes suggest otherwise. 
when i bought this mini skirt,** i was sure it would be perfect hussy-wear for my next date with mr.a. unfortunately, the mini was a bit more midi on my five foot frame. 
so, i wore it to church instead.
(sans sailor-mouth.)

linen t-shirt
: j.crew ($20)
skirt: thrifted j.crew ($20)
t-strap sandals: tj maxx ($20)
bracelets: j.crew (misc.)
aviators: fossil ($22)

*with the purest of intentions, i assure you.
**note to self: hussy's probably don't shop at j.crew


  1. Very cute sorry not hussy at all! =) Still love those shirts!!

  2. You're beautiful. I'm in love with you :)

  3. Haha. I hate it when minis become midis!

  4. Seriously, I just crack up reading your blog...keep em' coming sister.

  5. No, not hussy but super cute is better than hussy.


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