Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wear: work it wednesday.

this morning, before i had even rolled out of bed, i saw a tweet from jill about work it wednesday and my first thought was,
wait a's wednesday?!
sigh. let's just say i've been a little off this week.
i still wanted to join in, so i'm interrupting the vacay recap to discuss the wonders of
 denim shorts.

denim shorts have become a summer staple for me. which is odd, because in high school i wouldn't have been caught dead in shorts. (do you remember this, erika?) in my mind, shorts were for jocks. i am not, nor ever was, a jock. so i wore skirts and capri pants and even suffered in jeans in the summer. evidence of youthful stubborness: 
khaki capris circa 2004

denim capris circa 2002 (that's mr.a on my left!)
jeans circa 2001

about five years ago i finally bought a pair of olive green cargo shorts (of course) and that pair slowly convinced me that shorts are not all bad. (however, the teenagers these days who are wearing shorts the size of my panties? bad. very, very bad.) 

last year i cut off a pair of boyfriend jeans and the rest is history. 
they're perfect for almost any day of the week!
headband: target
t-shirt: j.crew
rain boots: bitten

t-shirt: french connection, von maur
necklace: gift
hat: walmart
sandals: rosegold, von maur 

jacket: forever 21
belt: borrowed
t-shirt: j.crew
necklace: j.crew
flats: steve madden

they've been worn on hot days,
and apparently even



  1. yes some how I just "discovered" shorts last summer too. Where have we been!?!? Also... glad I'm not the only one checking twitter in bed. Does your husband just hate that or what!??!

    Thanks for linking up... ya look fab!

  2. love these looks and agree - denim shorts are where it's at - they have def. been my staple this summer! i love the first outfit!

  3. Just loving looks 2 & 3. The striped shirt dresses up the denim just right. Love it!


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