Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wear: work it wednesday.

one of my blogging buddies, jill, is doing a link party today and invited me to help kick it off! work it wednesday will be a weekly opportunity for style bloggers to show off one wardrobe item or trend, styled three different ways.

when jill gave me the d.l. on work it wednesday, i immediately thought of my Favorite shirt. yes, Favorite with a capital F. it's just that good. i bought this shirt about two years ago with a gift card i had from christmas. i paid full price for it (something i rarely do...) and it has been one of the best purchases i've ever made. i wear this shirt year round. in fact, instead of just three examples, i'm going to be an overachiever and bombard you with six different ways i've worn this shirt. ya ready?

this is actually just a fraction of the times i've worn this shirt.
i even like to wear it on "off" days...
anyway, this shirt has definitely earned its' title as Favorite.
it's so comfy, goes with everything and is obviously pretty versatile.
now get yourself a denim shirt and link up with us next week for...


  1. I can see how the shirt earned it's title! Thanks so much for joining in... I love to see your sweet face!

  2. I can see why this is your fave top-it looks super comfy yet still chic and goes with everything! Big gold star for the over-achiever.

  3. Ooh, I like this post! I love the way you've styled your fave shirt. I hope you regularly participate in this series - I love seeing how other bloggers have remixed their clothes.

  4. i love that shirt! also i adore the sweater in the first photo :)

  5. Love the shirt and it is fun to see it worn in so many different ways. Visiting from Jill's blog! :)

  6. you are adorable! so glad I found you! i loveeeee this shirt!

  7. My fave is actually the off day look!! :) So cute.

  8. I have been following your blog for a while and just love your clothing how you style one shirt in so many ways...would you mind telling me where you got the gold skinny belt in picture # 3?

  9. I love all the variety here! I actually have the sweater in the first picture, so I'll have to pair it with some button-downs too. Thanks!


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