Friday, August 26, 2011

wear: under pressure.

the other day i was dozing through the 5 o'clock news; wet hair, no makeup, wearing this t-shirt and jean shorts. mr.a came home and gently reminded me that we had a family dinner and needed to leave in 10 minutes. ack! i threw my hair up, threw some makeup on and entered my closet. i grabbed these shoes first, thinking they'd look good with the t-shirt. i could have left it at that, but i find it difficult to leave the house without a belt ha! so i put this one on and then noticed this pretty paisley cardigan that i hadn't worn all summer. with that, i had thrown together a pretty cute outfit that i'd never worn before! though a few accessories would have made it even better... 

i suppose i've always worked best under pressure.
cardigan: j.crew, $13
(no lie. it was a shopping miracle.)
t-shirt: j.crew, $14
shorts: fossil, $15
belt: j.crew, $12
oxfords: tj maxx, $20
please pretend not to notice my sleepy eyes.
they were like, half-open in almost every picture. so pretty.


  1. Love your hair...I've seen you wear it like this in previous posts! Would you be interested in posting a step by step tutorial for those of us who are hair style challenged? Thanks!

  2. This might be my favorite outfit of all time! The cardi! The belt! The shoes! LOVE!!!

  3. Love the oxfords. I picked up a pair on sale at Aldo a little over a month ago and it is time that I pull those out.

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