Tuesday, August 23, 2011

wear: REMIX.

since this season is coming to a close, i figured i should probably wear some of my summer favorites while i still can. this skirt is definitely one of them. last time i wore it like this, so this weekend i opted for something a little different. it's funny--i always tuck my shirts in when i'm wearing a skirt, but i actually liked how this looked untucked... 
okay, let's be honest:
i was a little bloated and the shirt helped disguise my tum.
tank: walmart, $3
skirt: fossil, $44
jacket: walmart, $12
sandals: sam edleman, $35
mushroom necklace: j.crew, $12
while we're being honest... how 'bout some outtakes?
mr.a seemed to find it funny to snap pictures of me adjusting my unders.

what items from your summer wardrobe will you be sad to put away?


  1. You look so beautiful! What a great color on you!! xoxo

  2. how long have you had that jacket??? because i love it!

  3. Cute jacket and the perfect summer color too! Walmart? For real? Loving your hair too girlie...it looks fabulous on you! I am sad about summer coming to an end but at least here we have warm days well into the Fall...I am really sad that I haven't worn a lot of my fav dresses this summer...oh well...maybe I can squeeze them in sometime soon.

  4. you have that lil' extra sparkle in your eye now that Mr. A is behind the camera again. I love it.

    and this outfit...

    and your tan...


  5. hey thanks ladies!
    @kelsey: sadly the jacket is a couple years old. i wore the heck out of it during my pregnancy with quinn. and then...acidentally shrunk it. but it's definitely the perfect summer jacket.


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