Thursday, August 11, 2011


on sunday, after yet another family gathering (don't worry, there was still one more to come...) we walked around the classic car show in town. i can't say i'm really into cars or even know a lick about them. but, it was a lot of fun walking among these beauties. i took more pictures than i really know what to do with so, i'll try to hold back and only show a few...

 a few close-ups of the jeep mr.a got to ride in...
(see previous post.)

 and, to redeem this post for all you who care nothing for cars;
here's what i wore...

it was sort of a weird outfit and, frankly, not at all flattering.
but i had packed in a hurry and this was a combination of what was left in my bag. but, mr.a's 12-year old cousin complimented me on this outfit (not sure why...) and that's gotta count for something!
t-shirt & skirt: j.crew
sandals: sam edelman
bracelets: misc.
sunglasses: fossil

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  1. I'm with your cousin- it looks very comfy and chic! Totally flattering.


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