Friday, August 05, 2011


a hope beyond:
capturing the hope beyond the moment.

about a month ago i was contacted by a non-profit organization offering a free photo session for our family. a hope beyond is a collection of local photographers who lend their talents to military families as a thank-you for their sacrifice and service. we were honored to be nominated and even more so to be chosen to receive this wonderful gift.

i don't know about you, but family pictures really stress me out. they always have. just ask anyone in my family. and now that i have a family of my own, the pressure is compounded. not only do i have to make sure i look good, i have three other outfits, smiles and hairstyles to worry about.

this time around was no different. we spent the morning rushing around, getting everyone bathed and dressed. when we're finally presentable, we look outside and it is pouring. like, huge, sideways-blowing rain. mr.a runs the girls out to the car and i put on a huge hooded coat and make a run for it. the bottome of my dress is soaked and we leave the house 20 mintues later than we should have. mr.a had kindly made me some toast to eat on the way and when i lift the napkin from my lap there's a huge, yellow spot on my dress from butter that had soaked through. grrrrr. we don't have a single clean napkin, tissue or baby wipe in the car. i splashed a little water on it and tried to use the clean edge of my greasy napkin to wipe it up a bit which basically just left a huge wet spot on my dress. then at some point i looked back to quinn and realized we had left her shoes at home. stress level rises.

anyway, we finally arrive at the (outdoor) location and the rain had lightened up a bit. it was only drizzling at that point. the ladies from a hope beyond immediately made us feel at ease and didn't seem at all irritated by our tardiness. they started snapping photos right away, determined to make the most of the brief break in downpour. the photo session was quick and painless. not too pose-y and very laid-back. they were great with our girls; especially piper who inherited my distaste for family pictures.

when we got back in the car, i looked in the mirror. my bra was hanging out of my dress and the humidity had made my hair a hot mess. i laughed and said, "it'll be a miracle if they got a single decent shot."

well, i'd say these ladies are miracle-workers.

thank-you to nicole, andrea and deb for capturing these moments!


  1. oh my goodness! What absolutely gorgeous shots of you and your family! Stunning! What a fun opportunity...

  2. Gorgeous photos! Nicole is the best! She and Deb take all of our family photos!

  3. Love these. What a beautiful little family :)

  4. so beautiful!!!! so glad he's home! :) LOVE your dress!!! Where is from????

  5. What a wonderful gift. Gorgeous pictures! The first is my favorite!

  6. These are such great pictures! What a wonderful group!

  7. We attempted to do family pictures today and I would be so happy if they turned out half as good as yours did! These are adorable!! And your hair looks great. Mine is sure to look like a big brown mop on my head. What a sweet thing for them to do!

    Totally random note, but I was wondering if the guys ever got the care packages before they left?

  8. Gorgeous! The stress was worth it. :) And I think the rain made the shots even better. It's crazy...but overcast or raining days make the best lighting for pictures!


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