Monday, August 22, 2011


through instagram-colored glasses.
a new favorite:

lakeside essentials:

a first: 

another first:
and yes, it was awesome.

fair sights: 

starting traditions: 

gussied up pizza: 

she wears them better:

a sure sign of good luck: 

sugar & spice: 

we're dating: 

i made this: 

she made that:

this is how my memories look when i daydream:
a bit blurry and a touch rosey;
noises don't blare, lights don't glare;
the pain is duller but the joy is fuller.
it's real life...with a few liberties.


  1. great pics! you have a way with words, too! that last paragraph sums things up just right!

  2. How did you edit these pics to look the way they do?


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