Thursday, August 25, 2011


on sunday afternoon mr.a and i were having breakfast...
 (yes, breakfast. in the afternoon. we slept in that day.)
 when my sweet friend meredith sent me a text:
B, i have one free ticket for janet j at the fair tonight.
would you be interested in this situation?

ummm, YES! i can't say i'm actually a huge janet jackson fan, but i'd never pass up a chance to see her perform! 
it was the last day of the state fair and the weather was gorgeous,
so there were tons of people there.
we had most of our usual "crew" plus joseph's little sister.
apparently janet hadn't sold many tickets and refused to perform unless the place was full, so in the last few days they distributed about 6,000 free tickets.
(that's what we heard anyway...)
we found our seats (waaaay up in the grandstand) and waited for the show to start. there wasn't an opening act (?) but they played a bunch of her music videos on the big screen. after about 20 minutes of videos we were like, is she even going to perform? but she finally came out. she performed some of her greatest hits and then took about a 20 minute break! it was so weird. during the break they played clips from the movies and tv shows she had done. they were really weird clips, too. totally out of context.

when she came back out, she hadn't even done a costume change! again, it was so weird. she did a few more songs then it was done. she came out for an encore (of course) so then it was really done. it was literally the worst concert i've ever been to. we felt so bad for all the people who paid $65 to see her! the entire thing maybe lasted an hour, but that includes all the random music videos and movie clips. it was seriously lame.
luckily, i was with some of my favorite people and we have a blast no matter what we do! so we had a ton of fun anyway.

since the concert was so blah, joseph and i decided we needed to do something to salvage the evening. we decided to ride...
the skyscraper!!!
this thing goes 70 mph and takes you 160 feet up in the air! (that's 16 stories!)
both of us had done it years before, so we weren't nervous, just super-excited!
after a few minutes of flying through the air, it stops and you're up there, 160 feet up there, in the air, just hanging out while they get the next people on!
then you go backwards! seriously, it is sooooo fun. plus, your seats are flipping, upside down, back & forth. it's crazy. 70 mph is really stinkin' fast when you feel completely exposed. it was such a blast.

way better than janet jackson.


  1. That's so sad! I saw JJ my freshman year of college down at U of I (prob about 11 years ago..YIKES!) I'm not a huge fan either, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to miss her, especially at student prices. The show was completely amazing -- like one of the best "shows" I've ever seen. It's too bad this one was not a good experience. At least your company was fun!

  2. Ahhh! Meredith Kane is one of my sweet friends too! Small world! Love that girl!


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