Tuesday, August 09, 2011


we just came off of a jam-packed weekend. so today i was an antisocial hermit to try and reboot after three days of non-stop people and parties.
the weekend started off with a birthday celebration for our friend, joseph!
we started at their place with hors d'oeuvres, martinis, and a fancy cake that came straight from the better homes & gardens kitchen! (it was so delicious. shame on me for not getting a picture. toasted coconut, walnuts, and cranberries layered in a white cake with light icing! our friend is a food editor for BHG, so she got the hook up!)
we all made party hats with a personalized phrase or inside joke. they were hilarious and mildly inapropriate. mr.a's had us all laughing because you couldn't tell what it said. and it literally said, "unreadable." clever guy.

we bar-hopped all over downtown and had a blast.
lots of laughing, lots of dancing, and everyone loooooved our hats!

 sheesh! can you tell which person doesn't have a job? :/


our party hats doubled as koozies!

we found a photo-booth but it was broken, so we took our own...

happy birthday, jo-jo!!!

i wore a swingy skirt and comfy heels for dancing late into the night...

vest: j.crew (anniversary gift)
tank: target ($12)
skirt: old navy ($22)
heels: fossil ($27)
necklace: c/o vintage no. 37
bracelets: f21 ($3-5)


  1. so fun!

    ok, so WHERE can i find those shoes! love 'em!

  2. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog via twitter and wanted to say hi! Hi! You're such a cutie! The family photos from the last post are so lovely. How old are your girls? My daughter is almost 14 months, doesn't the time just fly by?! It's always fun to come across another Mom blogger who loves fashion. I'm going to go check out more of your blog now! OXO Natalie

  3. Girl! Where are you finding all of this awesome and affordable Fossil stuff?!?

  4. No disrespect, not at all. And I hope this is taken in the most respectful, non creepy way possible.........your husband is a freakin HOTTIE!!!



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