Wednesday, August 03, 2011


i know i still owe you a proper post on mr.a's return. and i promise it will be done. but this gal took two months to write about her husband's homecoming, so...i don't feel too bad about taking two weeks. according to the iphone, here are some little trips we've been taking lately... 

a trip to the family farm to visit grandma bev:

a trip to the mall to get the man some clothes:
he literally hadn't bought clothes in two years.
luckily i did my fair share of shopping in his stead.

 weekly trips to the farmer's market:

a trip to tally's:
 if you're local, i highly recommend this place.
fantastic food, nice ambience and great service. 

i had the "feature": duck breast, wilted spinach and sweet potato gateau.
mr.a had beer. okay, and a burger.

after dinner we sat on this wall. 

when we got home i realized my purse was missing.
luckily we had this picture to help us find it.
(yes, i'm wearing this exact same outfit.)

a quick road trip:
we drove to the quad cities to run the bix 7 with some friends and 18,000 other people! the night before, we sat around drinking beer and shootin' the sh*t until 2 a.m. which made our 6:30 wakeup call pretty painful.
i'm actually not squinting below, my eyes were just that puffy...

 the race itself is actually really fun. you're running through neighborhoods and the entire route is lined with people cheering you on, spraying you down with water guns, and offering ice, water, or even beer if you need it! there are slip 'n slides and sprinklers to run through. there's just a ton of positive energy.
i honestly felt better after the race than i did beforehand...

afterward, there's a huge party just for runners and volunteers.
i never understood the desire to drink beer after running a race,
but we went for it anyway.

these two were our hosts for the weekend:
the one on the right is mr.a's commanding officer.
he's pretty intimidating, but it's his wife you need to worry about. wink!

there have also been some trips that aren't so fun.
on sunday, my parents received a call from my sister in-law that my brother had tripped and fallen 150 feet after a day of rock-climbing and hiking. incredibly, he survived the fall and, though it was extremely traumatic for both of them, he received prompt care which ultimately saved him from hypothermia. he has major lacerations to his face, head and body and two fractured vertebrae, but he is in one of the best trauma units in the country and will make a full recovery. it's truly a miracle that his injuries weren't worse.   

on monday my parents took a trip to tennessee.
after 13 years of living in iowa, my dad got a really great job there. though we hate that they're leaving (really, really hate it), we all know this is the right move for them. our family has been spoiled to all live within ten minutes of each other (except for my brother), so we are very close and rarely go a week without seeing one another. for almost four years now, my mom has watched all her grandkids one day a week (even when they doubled in number!) and they were often up for babysitting to give us a night out. my dad and i spent hours and hours running together this spring. and we're not i-pod runners, we're talking runners. at least, when we weren't too winded.
my parents encourage and love in different ways. my mom uses food, my dad uses words. when mr.a was gone, my mom would drop off soup on cold winter days, bring 7up and saltines if i was sick, and bring a casserole if i was too busy (or lazy) to cook. my dad would send blog links to inspire me, drop off books to encourage me, and lend music to soothe me. i'm very blessed to have two parents who take their jobs seriously. two parents who didn't let go or give up, even when they probably deserved to. i have two parents who pray for me and think about me every day. they love their children and their grandchildren and they show it in any way that they can.
though i may not find a book or a pot of soup waiting on my doorstep anymore, i know they will do whatever they can to love and encourage us even from hundreds of miles away.
but  i see a lot trips down south in our future.


  1. Holy cow. I'm glad to hear that your brother is going to recover. That is some serious stuff.

    On a lighter note, that race looks like it was a blast.

  2. Wow, lots going on in your world!

    I'd say, God is good! Glad to hear your brother is okay!

  3. i got goosebumps when i read that paragraph about your parents! best wishes to them!

  4. Couple things
    1- I am so glad you are quickly soaking up alone time and family time with your Mr. A. I loved seeing a piece of mail from the military families foundation that i donated money from you in honor of you guys, couldn't help but smile big that he is home safe and in YOUR arms!!!!
    2- I am SOOO sorry to hear about your brother. Much prayers for his recovery, and health.
    3- CRAP that you were here in davenport for the bix, which i didn't run, however was down there watching it!!! So happy you were in my town:)
    Okay that's all! Great post!!!

  5. the part about your parents made me tear up. i know what its like to be away from family. and i'm going to miss your parents too. not as much as you, im sure, but a lot.

  6. I feel so honored to have made it on the blog TWICE. My life is now complete. wink. :)


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