Monday, August 29, 2011

do: mini-vacay, part1

a couple of months ago my best friend alerted me to the fact that adele was playing in minneapolis. we decided tickets were a must. the morning they went on sale, she was online, on the phone and standing in line at the box office just to make sure we didn't miss out. we literally purchased the last two tickets available in the entire arena.

i knew mr.a would rather sit at the bar then pay to see adele, so we invited his army buddy, eason, to come up with us and keep him company.

when we got up there, the four of us grabbed a quick bite at this amazing brick oven pizza place, black sheep.
we ordered a pepperoni/goat cheese combo per erika's recommendation which was amaaaaazing and a veggie (green peppers, cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives) which was also delicious. we hadn't even finished our first slice and
i was ready to order more.

after that, we parted ways.
the boys bar-hopped...

and we adele'd.

ohhhhhhhh, did we adele. i can't even begin to describe how pure and amazing her voice is. our seats were about a mile from the stage, but it didn't matter. her voice....ugh! i clearly do not have the vocabulary to describe it.

our section was pretty chill but you best believe i was singing my lil heart out and bustin' out some major whitney houston hand motions.
after the concert (which i wished would never end)
we tracked down the boys...
they had made their way to some scurvy bar whose name escapes me.
apparently the owner weighs 800 pounds, lives up those stairs and never leaves his apartment.
i considered going up to make friends, but was convinced otherwise.
a round of shots ensued...
and deep conversation.
eventually we made our way back home for
gratuitous elevator photos...

another round of pizza...
and mini-vacay 2011 was off to a great start.


  1. We did a mini-vacay to Minneapolis a few months ago (my husband ran the marathon). We weren't expecting much but LOVED it. Loved the city, loved all the great food (we ate Pizza Luce too). Watching a marathon is no Adele, but it was a good weekend for sure!

  2. Welcome to Minneapolis! (Again - I know you've been before). I'm dying to go to Black Sheep - everyone is raving about it!


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