Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wear: work it wednesday.

this morning, before i had even rolled out of bed, i saw a tweet from jill about work it wednesday and my first thought was,
wait a's wednesday?!
sigh. let's just say i've been a little off this week.
i still wanted to join in, so i'm interrupting the vacay recap to discuss the wonders of
 denim shorts.

denim shorts have become a summer staple for me. which is odd, because in high school i wouldn't have been caught dead in shorts. (do you remember this, erika?) in my mind, shorts were for jocks. i am not, nor ever was, a jock. so i wore skirts and capri pants and even suffered in jeans in the summer. evidence of youthful stubborness: 
khaki capris circa 2004

denim capris circa 2002 (that's mr.a on my left!)
jeans circa 2001

about five years ago i finally bought a pair of olive green cargo shorts (of course) and that pair slowly convinced me that shorts are not all bad. (however, the teenagers these days who are wearing shorts the size of my panties? bad. very, very bad.) 

last year i cut off a pair of boyfriend jeans and the rest is history. 
they're perfect for almost any day of the week!
headband: target
t-shirt: j.crew
rain boots: bitten

t-shirt: french connection, von maur
necklace: gift
hat: walmart
sandals: rosegold, von maur 

jacket: forever 21
belt: borrowed
t-shirt: j.crew
necklace: j.crew
flats: steve madden

they've been worn on hot days,
and apparently even


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

do: mini vacay, part 2.

day two got off to a slow start.
we debated showers. we debated what to eat. we even debated mimosas.
(not sure why one would ever debate mimosas...)

but eventually, after lounging around, nibbling on croissants, perusing the september issues, and other general acts of laziness; eason (aka: nate, aka: nay-nay) decided we needed a legit meal
and nothing is more legit than the red stag.
 it is the first leed-certified restaurant in minnesota and their food. is. phenomenal. you know you're at a great restaurant when you try to tell everyone else what to order, just so you can taste it all.
luckily, everyone made fantastic choices and i got to taste a zucchini ricotta scramble, the best reuben in the whole world, and my crab blt was amazing. (mr.a is a burger connoiseur so that's what he ordered. and i didn't feel the need to taste it, though i'm sure it was fantastic.) 
the boys drank beers and the girls had espresso martinis. now that's a multitasking drink! delicious.

after lunch we browsed around city salvage.
they have amazing salvaged goods and antiques.
i wanted this:
after that, erika and i ditched the boys for a little shopping time.
aaaaand ice cream time.
(that's dark chocolate sea salt. drool.)

that night we had an amazing meal at tilia.
afterward we walked along the river with some canned champagne (classy) and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
minneapolis is such a gorgeous city.
we also might have taken a bunch of random pictures of ourselves...
we walked home, ordered pizza luce (yes, again), snuggled on the couch (yes, all four of us), and watched old episodes of satc.
 perfect end to a perfect day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

do: mini-vacay, part1

a couple of months ago my best friend alerted me to the fact that adele was playing in minneapolis. we decided tickets were a must. the morning they went on sale, she was online, on the phone and standing in line at the box office just to make sure we didn't miss out. we literally purchased the last two tickets available in the entire arena.

i knew mr.a would rather sit at the bar then pay to see adele, so we invited his army buddy, eason, to come up with us and keep him company.

when we got up there, the four of us grabbed a quick bite at this amazing brick oven pizza place, black sheep.
we ordered a pepperoni/goat cheese combo per erika's recommendation which was amaaaaazing and a veggie (green peppers, cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives) which was also delicious. we hadn't even finished our first slice and
i was ready to order more.

after that, we parted ways.
the boys bar-hopped...

and we adele'd.

ohhhhhhhh, did we adele. i can't even begin to describe how pure and amazing her voice is. our seats were about a mile from the stage, but it didn't matter. her voice....ugh! i clearly do not have the vocabulary to describe it.

our section was pretty chill but you best believe i was singing my lil heart out and bustin' out some major whitney houston hand motions.
after the concert (which i wished would never end)
we tracked down the boys...
they had made their way to some scurvy bar whose name escapes me.
apparently the owner weighs 800 pounds, lives up those stairs and never leaves his apartment.
i considered going up to make friends, but was convinced otherwise.
a round of shots ensued...
and deep conversation.
eventually we made our way back home for
gratuitous elevator photos...

another round of pizza...
and mini-vacay 2011 was off to a great start.

Friday, August 26, 2011

wear: under pressure.

the other day i was dozing through the 5 o'clock news; wet hair, no makeup, wearing this t-shirt and jean shorts. mr.a came home and gently reminded me that we had a family dinner and needed to leave in 10 minutes. ack! i threw my hair up, threw some makeup on and entered my closet. i grabbed these shoes first, thinking they'd look good with the t-shirt. i could have left it at that, but i find it difficult to leave the house without a belt ha! so i put this one on and then noticed this pretty paisley cardigan that i hadn't worn all summer. with that, i had thrown together a pretty cute outfit that i'd never worn before! though a few accessories would have made it even better... 

i suppose i've always worked best under pressure.
cardigan: j.crew, $13
(no lie. it was a shopping miracle.)
t-shirt: j.crew, $14
shorts: fossil, $15
belt: j.crew, $12
oxfords: tj maxx, $20
please pretend not to notice my sleepy eyes.
they were like, half-open in almost every picture. so pretty.